Menstrual Cup 101

So, I will be talking about menstrual cups in complete detail. A tell-all tale of what my experience has been (only good) and yes it's going to be explicit. I am not going to shy away from divulging as much information and it's high time we all grow up instead of ridiculing things that are as natural as eating, drinking, etc. Anyhoo, 

Why the switch: I hated wearing pads and the idea of tampons didn't appeal to me. To get through those 5 days I had to tolerate that rubbish plastic thing throughout. Not only that, like most women I had to go through painful chafing (Boroline works best for that), nauseating odor, leakages every night, sleepless nights, staining and what not. And, how can I not mention the impact on the environment; it's colossal. If it can be avoided then why not?
I had read about the biodegradable pads as well but, the pad thing made me uncomfortable altogether. And, don't get me started on periods during summers.
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Some of you might think, it's just 5 days, what's the big deal? Guess what, I am not OK with it. I don't deserve to be miserable even if it is for 5 days. If there is something out there that will help me then I will try it.

How I discovered it: YouTube. Thank God for that. I came across a video by a YouTuber who spoke at length about menstrual cups and I got hooked onto the idea. After that, an endless amount of research started on how it works, benefits, how to use, etc. I bought the cup a week after doing my in-depth research and had to wait patiently for almost a month for my periods to start (I was on my last day when I saw the video) so I could try it. I was scared and extremely apprehensive but, I knew I had to find a solution for my discomfort.

What is it: A menstrual cup is a soft silicone cup with a stem at the bottom and is available in 3 sizes S, M, and L (small for teenage girls, M for women over 25yrs and have not delivered a baby yet and L for women who have delivered babies). It is inserted into the vaginal canal and when it's in place, it sits there and collects the menstrual blood over time. It's leak-proof as it creates a vacuum between the vaginal walls and the walls of the cup. There are innumerable videos demonstrating about it on YouTube so watch a few to get a complete idea.

My Experience 

Day 1 - Day 2 - Since these are my heavy flow days, the cup lasted good 6-7 hours, after which I had to empty it. The packaging says that it lasts for 12 hours but, definitely not on 1st two days. It entirely depends on your flow so empty it sooner than you think it will last, just to be on the safer side.

For Day-3 The cup lasted good 12 hours with ease and I had to clean only twice. Once in the morning and once before going to sleep. I even went for my usual workout and I didn't feel a thing.

Day 4 -Similar to day 3

Day 5 - Didn't use it as I don't bleed on this day. Only a panty liner is more than enough for me.

What I felt after using it:
- It was the cleanest period ever
- No odor whatsoever
- Super-duper comfortable
-no chafing, wetness, leakage
- Slept like a baby

Things most people wont tell you:
  • This cup cannot be used if your hymen is intact. But if you are using a tampon then you obviously can. 
  • First time inserting can be a little tricky so don't give up. Watch a lot of videos and you will know the technique.
  • You won't feel a thing. 
  • The moment it's full, it leaks so please time yourself and plan your day accordingly.
  • Spillage happens when the cup is full while removing, no matter how careful you are, so do it in your shower area.
  • Changing in public washrooms cannot happen as it gets messy unless you have the superpower of freezing liquids. Kidding.
  • Complete squatting on the floor works best when you are a new user. (update: But, with time you can easily do it sitting on the pot like I do it now. 
  • The sight of the cup full of blood might scare you (I freaked out a bit) but eventually, you will get used to it.
  • As magical, this cup is, in no way, it's going to reduce your menstrual cramps, back-pain, etc. Please don't expect it to perform such miracles.
Extra tips:
  • Always use a panty liner. ALWAYS (Update: I have stopped using panty liners now as they are small pads after all and have started using Period panties instead. and it's really great.)
  • Buy the cup which says FDA approved and is made from quality silicone. 
  • Do not cut the stem unless and until you use the cup for a few days. Cut it only if you think its causing discomfort. Remember the stem is the crucial part in inserting and removing the cup
  • Push-down fold is a perfect way as the cup unfolds automatically inside. Never use the C-fold.
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I want every girl/women to switch to a menstrual cup if you wish to have a hassle-free period, I mean who doesn't. Once you get used to the technique of inserting and removing (its easy, trust me), there is nothing quite like it.
I was very apprehensive at first but, I couldn't have been happier. 

Link of the product I am using (not promotional):

I have tried to add as much info but, its humanly impossible to add all the details. If you have any queries feel free to mail me at, I shall shamelessly answer all of them. :) And, yes YouTube/Google will have all your answers.


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