Herbed Hummus , my way

By giving out this recipe I am kinda giving out my secret to yumminess that this hummus is. Beginning this recipe with a story.

I had bought a packaged hummus from one of the stores, which I absolutely loved. I try to avoid having as much as packaged and processed food so recreating this recipe on my own was my agenda. After one or two near-miss versions, I nailed it. Many people make it and good for them, but then I absolutely hate what most people make (sounding really mean right now..). It is either too watery, lack flavor or rather too much of it or the color looks way to unappetizing.

I almost don't want to give the recipe, but here goes:

You will need:

Chickpeas or Kabuli Chana (1 medium-sized bowl)
Garlic pods - 2 to 3
White Sesame Seeds (1 heaped table spoon)
Mixed herbs: Rosemary, basil work best (as desired)
Chilly flakes (as desired)
Chilly powder (as desired)
Pepper (as desired)
lemon juice (as desired)
Olive Oil (canola oil also works well)
Salt (as desired)

Preparation: Soak chickpeas with enough water overnight (10 hours for best results). Pressure cook it with salt, 7-10 whistles should do it. Drain it and keep the water aside.

Transfer the soaked chickpeas in a cooker, add a spoonful of salt and pressure cook it till its easily mashable with hand
Step 1: Lightly toast the sesame seeds on low flame. Not too much.

Step 2: In a mixie jar add chickpeas, garlic pods, pepper, chilly powder, sesame seeds, olive oil and little water, just enough so that you can grind with ease.

Transfer in a mixie jar and add
two big spoons of olive oil
With spices and other ingredients
Step 3: Start grinding, only few seconds at a time. Every time open the mixie jar check for consistency and add olive oil accordingly. Do taste if its too drying then add water.

Not too pastey, not to dry. Taste if you want to.
You should reach this consistency by now. You are done(if you think its too dry then add a little water). Transfer it in the dish you want to preserve it. Now the fun begins.

Step 5: Add chilly flakes, mixed herbs, olive oil and check the flavoring. You can add lemon juice only when you are eating or serving not otherwise as it gets bitter with time.

After mixing up you can store it in refrigerator
The ingredients in the mixed herbs bottle.
Step 6: While serving, add lemon juice, sprinkle a pinch of chilly powder and drizzle olive oil.

This will last you for a good week. Make small batches, don't add lemon juice and every time you serve drizzle a spoon-full of olive oil.

Things to Remember:
  • Add water in small portions only; we do not want a runny hummus. 
  • If you want plain hummus, skip the chilly powder from step 2 and the herbs at the end.
  • Don't forget to add salt when you boil chickpeas as it gets infused within, enhancing the flavors even more.
  • Do not add lemon if you are going to store it for a longer time. Add only while consuming.


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