Almond Butter at Home

After a failed attempt at making this, I finally managed to make a batch. I was too excited and I posted it on Insta stories and many of you asked me how I made it, so here I am. This is the first time I am sharing a recipe on my blog and I am excited and nervous beyond belief.

Goans don't do the have-soaked-almonds-every-morning ritual like its done in up north. So I had a huge packet of almonds lying at my place (courtesy loving mother-in-law) waiting to be consumed but somehow I can never get myself to do this thing so I found a easy way out instead, I made almond butter. I love it and I have it quite often on breads, cakes, oatmeal, etc.

It is extremely simple, healthy and so much cheaper than the jars you get outside.

|So here is the quick recipe|

Cocoa Powder(optional)
Honey (optional)
A spoon of any neutral oil (coconut, canola, olive being most preferred)

Dry roast the almonds a bit, ensure they don't burn while doing this or else the butter will turn bitter (bitter butter bad butter :D).

Step 2: Cool them and then transfer it to the mixie jar. I have used the wet grinding one as it works best. I prefer adding honey and cocoa at the beginning of the process as adding later might interfere with the consistency. You can totally skip this step if you don't wish to add.

Step 3: Start grinding and then keep grinding till it turns slightly pastey. (Note: Please be patient as the grinding process takes a lot of time. Caution: The grinder might get too hot so take breaks while doing it.)

Step 4: After it reaches the paste-like consistency, add a spoon of any neutral oil. This step is important as the spoonful of oil aids in extracting the oil from the almonds.
Add oil at this stage
Start grinding and you will notice the consistency forming.

The different stages so that you get the idea...

Aaaannndd its done! You will know from the look of it. 

Peanut butter is also done the exact same way except you can skip the honey/cocoa step completely and just add brown sugar as per your taste.

Do try and let me know how you like it. This recipe really tests ones patience but don't worry in the end its all worth it.


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