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You guys already know that we moved into our new home last year (read here & here). The first thing we did when we moved, was to set up the kitchen. Its a gargantuan task in itself and took most of our time. While I was setting up I was sure of getting a few practical things, which I knew I would be using all the time, instead of buying random expensive things just because they looked good.

Its been a year now and I don't regret buying any of these things that I am going to list down below. Each item is tried and tested and I can't stress enough how important they are.

So here it is,

Glass Jars - I am super fascinated by glass jars and I literally have plenty. One thing I insisted upon getting was these small transparent once for spices as they are handy, light-in-weight and also look great when placed in racks. The masala container, I mean the usual round ones are a nuisance to use as you have to always lift them straight to avoid masalas from getting mixed with each other. It's not practical and definitely for not someone who is clumsy. On the other hand, the glass jars are just the right size, the small spoon fits perfectly, easy to clean and is air-tight.

Bamboo Chopping boards/Spatula - Bamboo is water-resistant, easy to clean and stain-proof and that is exactly why you must buy tools made from pure bamboo. I remember buying a normal wooden board which was for 400/- as I didn't have the heart to buy the expensive bamboo one, only to realize that the board developed cracks in few months, took a lot of time to dry and also was difficult to clean. The bamboo board I own now is amazing. It dries up quickly, is stain-proof, can be cleaned easily and looks just as new. Same goes for spatulas.

Oil Bottles - I am very proud of this purchase as everyone just loves these bottles. They are slim and handy and the automatic pouring feature (the steel portion at the top is heavy and when you tilt the bottle the top slides smoothly and opens up) doesn't get messy and you can easily control the quantity of oil while pouring. I got a little greedy and bought three in which I store olive oil, canola/groundnut oil, and mustard oil. I wash it only from the outside with soapy water and I have been using since a year and in no way any of the bottles are greasy. (these are from Home Center)

Funnel - While it might seem too trivial a thing but, a funnel is equally important. Whenever you are transferring any liquid, a funnel is a must as it prevents spillage and makes pouring steady. I picked mine from Tupperware and use it quite often.

Plastic Clips - You can't really store everything in jars and containers, you eventually run out of storing spaces and that is exactly when these plastic clips come to use. Available in brightest of colors, these plastic clips can be used to close any packet and the varying size allows you to clip packets of any size. This tool is a savior for times when you can't find any container. These shut tightly, easy-to-use and are full-proof.

A Big Glass Bowl - A big glass bowl is surely one of the most useful things in the kitchen. From serving big portions to mixing ingredients for baking to tossing salads, anything related to big portions, you can do it with ease. It's really useful when you have guests over and need to reheat large amounts of food. Do pick a microwave safe one only, especially the Borosil ones as they are versatile, and the best part is that they are unbreakable.

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A Writing Board - While it might sound Pinterest-ish, it has a super practical use and I just love how it adds a whimsical appeal to my kitchen. The best use of this board is to mark down things that are getting over in the kitchen. This list will come in handy when you go for your monthly grocery shopping (the one where you get crazy in the supermarket) and not miss out on things. I keep adding different quotes once in a while to make it quirky and interesting.

A measuring cup - This is one of the tools I have realized makes your life simple in the kitchen, especially when you are baking, making dosa batter, etc. It is very handy and ideal in measuring portions if you cook using recipes where the quantity is defined. A great tool to have if you are very particular about portion control while cooking.

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The Mixing Spatula - I don't know what you call this, but it is mostly used to mix pasta of all kinds. But, this spatula comes really handy when you are mixing almost anything be it your Chinese rice, salads, noodles, spaghetti, etc. It is super super convenient and mixing can be done real quick.

Spaghetti tongs: I was always in awe of this particular tool as it looked very fancy while watching movies/videos where the chef would toss the spaghetti and other stuff with it. This tong is not just for spaghetti/noodle category of food items but, it's great for mixing or grabbing when a spatula doesn't help. Buy the one that has a firm grip and is made from stainless steel.

These items surely are the most-used items in my kitchen and I couldn't help but share it with you guys. You might think they aren't necessary at the moment but trust me they will change the way you run your kitchen. I surely can't function without these.

If you like such posts then do let me know what you would want to see next. I like to touch of different topics and not be stuck with doing the same stuff after all 'Variety is the spice of life'.


  1. Really loved the way you have organized your kitchen
    Liked the glass mixing bowl idea
    I too got an ordinary wood chopping board that developed a crack sooner than a nice tip from you abt using too as bamboo grows back faster than normal trees
    Liked the glass jars a lot too - I got Pearl Pets ones that I regret buying - will be switching over the glass jars gradually

  2. hey, thanks a lot for commenting.. Bamboo is great and I highly recommend it. Glass jars not only look nice but are eco-friendly, easy to clean and look new even with use.

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