For Granted...

Don't we take most of the things in life for granted. How many of you agree with this?
I am a happy go-lucky person and that has made me take most of the things for granted and yes, I accept it is a flaw in a way. I have taken my parents for granted and most kids do at some point in time but, something has changed in me; I am changed as a person.
This article is not the usual fun and informative ones I share on my blog. It is something more deep and an eye-opener for me and I wish to tell all my readers about it.

Here goes...

I am close to my mom and after I got married I missed her the most but, that doesn't mean I don't love my dad or my brother any less. My mom is my special person, no matter how much I get annoyed of her constant nagging or her crying at the drop of the hat.
Recently, my parents had gone for a Euro trip and also stayed at my brother's place. My mother was super duper excited and was waiting eagerly to meet me and tell me all about it during my visit to Mumbai in August. Little did we know, destiny had other plans for her.

The day she landed in Mumbai from Netherlands, she couldn't walk. She visited the local doctor, took some medicines but, her condition only worsened by the day. Even the doctors couldn't understand what the problem was. After a sea of tests and post consulting the neurologist, Guillain-Barre Syndrome was detected. It's a rare viral infection that attacks the nerves of the body rendering the person immobile for months to a year depending on the damage to the nerves. The virus attack is so quick, if not treated instantly it can also infect the vital organs. In my mum's case, it had infected her legs and was spreading towards her spine but, because of timely diagnosis, we could arrest the infection from spreading any further.

Not only the news numbed me, I was completely engulfed with confusion as to how a normal walking, talking person, who had the most memorable Euro Trip was now lying in the ICU with needles all through her body. Suddenly, I was the care-taker, cooking meals, taking care of her needs, encouraging her etc. It was overwhelming. I was in trance, I couldn't feel any feelings. I had to be strong and I was trying my best to not breakdown.
She's back home now and recovering well however, the movements are restricted completely. She will walk, but it's a 6 month long process and we just have to be patient and strong and not lose hope whatsoever. She's getting better each day with rigorous physiotherapy. Its great and disheartening at the same time to see her struggle through the most simple things like lifting your legs. My dad shares regular videos of her progress.

My mother would feel guilty as I was taking care of everything for her. She would keep saying that it's because of me you have to go through this and I would say, if I would have been in her place, she would have done the same or more for me. I meant every word. Nothing prepared me for this terrible time and yes, we have emerged stronger and rearing to go. Life goes on and these experiences make you see things in a different light altogether. 

I am sure you guys are wondering why I am sharing this with you all. When you go through something so crucial with your loved ones, life seems insignificant. We start taking things seriously only when we receive a setback; it's a common human tendency. We start saving when we are in financial crisis, start working-out when our cholesterol levels touch the danger mark or drive safely when we face a life-threatening accident.  Why is it that we wait for something unforeseen to happen?

This incident has surely changed the way I see things. It has made me stronger from within and prepared in a way. Most importantly, I have learned a  lesson. Take risks, be there for your parents, friends and loved ones no matter what, help generously and most importantly live without regrets.


  1. This is so touching
    couldn't agree with you more - we take so many things for granted
    am so glad you shred this with us
    I truly hope your mum feels better & start living life normally

    1. Moms perfectly fine now. She took 4 months to recover and is absolutely normal. It feels superb to see her like this. Means the world to me. Thanks a lot Jayanthi for your blessings.


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