As a kid I…

This blogpost accepts the fact that I am a grown up now :). I am sure my parents, husband (relatives, friends, etc.) are denying this vehemently. But, just the other day I realized how things change over a period of time like priorities, hobbies, taste in music and food etc. etc. and that is what exactly inspired this post.
As a kid it may sound clichéd, I was a TOMBOY. The only girly thing I possibly did was go to Bharatanatyam classes (loved it). I still remember how I was, my attitude towards life and how I used to be happy with the smallest of things. This post is an endearing account of what I was as a kid.
As a kid I…

Wanted long hair – But didn’t have the patience for them to grow. The moment it would reach my neck I would just go and get a haircut. Rasna cut being the most preferred hairstyle :P. Now, that I have long hair I think this bit is sorted. My brother still remembers how I loved long hair and when he sees anyone with long hair he thinks of me.
all of 10
Wanted to be a dancer – Out of 12 months I would be dancing 6months of my life. I was like a mini celebrity, as everyone thought I danced really well :P. Right from Madhuri’s jhatkas to mirroring each step, I lived for dancing. Bharatanatyam was my passion and still is my most loved Indian dance form. So when I was in 3rd or 4th standard I started learning the dance form and I surely felt the happiest. Dancing started affecting my grades and that was when I had to discontinue only to take it many years later under the same tutor. I learnt it for 2 years and also performed on stage; an absolute dream-com-true moment for me.
4-yr old me

Me at 27, fulfilling my dream
Never wanted to marry – The thought of leaving my parents and going away gave me the chills and if anybody would tease me that I would have to marry one day, I would just burst out crying. Now that I am married, leaving my parents and moving cities have been one of the most difficult decisions of my life.

Hated eggs – And now I can’t imagine my day without eggs. When I was younger I would detest it, especially the yellow bit, and if forced I would literally run away. Egg Bhurji was the only acceptable form of egg I would consume only if the onions are finely chopped in it :D.

Ate all vegetables – My dad made a rule where no matter what vegetable was made at home, I was ordered to have one spoon (yes, kaddu, lauki, pulses and everything) and there was no way I was allowed to get up from the dining table without having it. So, today I eat all vegetables like a good girl.

Wanted to be a Fashion Designer – Yes, very much would have done it even now if given a choice. I was always always always fascinated with clothes and would experiment even then and I remember being very intrigued with one of my friend who was doing a Fashion Designing course from NIFT Mumbai. I guess life had other plans and no I have no complaints.

I hated being home – I was a complete extrovert, still am but, back then I just hated being home. I just wanted to be out; playing, dancing, exploring. I was known as the kid whose mum would call out every day from the window to come home, obviously, my reply would as usual be '5 more minutes mom'.
5 more minutes...
Never read – Reading would mean sitting at one place, and that is what I lacked. I could never cultivate that habit inspite of my brother and dad being voracious readers. We had sacks filled with books but, I never read one. Repent it but, I was only a child you see. Now, I have developed the habit to read and I am enjoying every bit of this new-found love for books.

Loved MJ – Absolutely, totally and wholeheartedly in love with him and will always do. He is the reason why I started listening to music and since he was an exceptional dancer and performer, I was completely smitten by him. He is to-date one of my most favorite artists.

Didn’t care about future/career – Yea, I just went with the flow. If bothered with the question what would you want to grow up to be, I would promptly say dancer or fashion designer. And, I was happy. My parents had a real tough time then, but now they think I would have been an excellent arts student (I agree).

This kinda sums up me as a kid. I wouldn't change anything about my childhood as I was a happy kid then and still a happy person now. I hated my school though but, loved my college; it has made me what I am today. 

Tell me about your childhood in the comments below. Share some fun stories; might just post the best ones on FB/Insta.


  1. such lovely photos !
    the one in the salwar-kameez is adorable <3
    the things that we would do to get these wonderful days back !
    loved each & every photo as they are so nostalgic
    was observing the backgrounds on these photos - the faithful Godrej fridge , Pond's Dream Flower Talc <3
    I am so happy you fulfilled your dream of classical dance - you strike a lovely pose
    I always look forward to your posts because like this one they are excellent to read

  2. thanks jayanthi :). These pics mean the world to me. A persons childhood shapes them and these memories make me.


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