Old Forever 21 Sandals REVAMPED!!!

A lazy Sunday morning (woke up at 7 a.m on a Sunday, duh) led to this amazing DIY I did to my tan sandals from Forever 21. I bought it almost 2 years back but rarely wore them and unfortunately, they started to peel off making it embarrassing to wear. It also broke my heart as they looked real good. I just couldn't discard and an idea came to me to transform this sandal.
Here is a step-wise description to make this cool pair and the best part is you can do this to almost any footwear, obviously it has to have straps though.

1. All you need is a pair of scissors, an old t-shirt with an attractive print, fevicol.
2. Cut out pieces randomly to fit the portions of your sandal and stick it.
3. Cut the excess carefully and neatly. This might take a while and messy too so be patient and just keep doing it.
4. Let it dry for a while and Voila! its done. Your swanky new pair are ready.


One of my most favourite tees, but it was time to let go...
Straps were easy

Time to get to the difficult part..
The back portion is difficult but, manageable..Just be patient
And, DONE!!!

Now, this is something, ain't it? Easy, no cost and so damn chic. Few pointers.

  • Use a tshirt that has an eye-catching print, its all in the t-shirt you choose.
  • Let it dry thoroughly.
  • You can glue the fabric on difficult portions and then cut the extras, its simpler that ways.
  • Do not try this with your expensive shoes, PLEASE.. :)


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