My Tattoo Story

Let me get straight to it, as its quite a story.

I remember wanting to get a tattoo since my college days. I still remember what it was. There were four stars lined next to each other on my ankle but, I never got it. I was too scared of the commitment I guess, and yes lack of pocket money like most college going kids. So, I and Deepika decided that we would get our respective star tattoos after we start working. But, that did not happen for the longest time until Deepika got her first tattoo (yes, she got stars) a few years back, just before our epic Cambodia Trip.

Time slipped into months and years while getting a tattoo was still on the back of my mind however, something kept pulling me back. It was mostly the thought of getting something permanent scared the shit out of me and obviously the pain. 

Deepika always coaxed me into getting one and she would say things like life happens just once you must try everything :P. We got most of our piercings together so, we had to get a tattoo together. I got married, moved cities but, this topic of discussion came up every time we met. Meanwhile, she went ahead and got another tattoo while my urge to get one just grew with each passing time.

This year I just knew I had to get a tattoo and told Deepika about it, and like an overexcited monkey that she is, she was game for it. 

(Another story) While on our flight back to Cambodia we saw a really cute couple with similar tattoos, the paper plane on their wrists. We both liked it instantly and decided to get it. As I was about to visit Bombay in December we started deciding on the day we would get it and book an appointment and stuff. Wonder what dawned on us, just after everything was finalized Deepika messaged to me one morning (a week before the Day) saying Yeh design common ho gaya hai kafi na” and surprisingly this thought had crossed my mind as well, then the quest for a new design started. 
Let me tell you it was exhausting. We spent hours together checking Pinterest, googling, whatsapping images and discussing with Deepika on designs we wanted to get. We both decided on creating a tattoo on our own instead of taking a design directly. I bumped onto an anklet design, which I loved and Deepika liked it too and after much convincing and discussion, we finalized it. We decided on 4 charms that were common to our anklets and 2 charms that we wanted to get as per our choice. Phew!! 

So, on 19 December 2016, I got my first while Deepika got her third tattoo. This is how it looks and what each charm means.

Star – Since this was my first choice for a tattoo, I had to get it.

An elephant - By now you guys know how much I love elephants. Elephants also stand for prosperity, intelligence, calmness etc.

Letter S – S for Shruti, S for Shivik :)

Outline of a fish – An ode to me being Goan and my love for beach. It is everything I am.

Paper plane – It signifies travel, innocence, and childhood memories that are forever etched in our hearts.

Yaar in Hindi – The common slang for Friends. We wanted to get 'Dost' in Hindi but, we could relate to 'Yaar' more.

I wanted to get more charms but decided to not crowd the design. I am extremely happy with this tattoo and it sure is for keeps. It is different and something I can relate to, just how I wanted.

I am surely going to get two more tattoos soon. I have already decided on the designs.

Share your tattoo stories with me, if you have any that is. I am all ears :)


  1. love that each elemant has it's own story
    very creative & looks nice too


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