The Year That Was - 2016

A Very Happy New Year To All of You. Hope 2017 is filled with unconditional love, laughter, and prosperity. And, Thank You for being a part of bOmbayMODE.

Looking back at 2016 I realized it was quite a year for me and Mr.Mode. We somehow always remember the unfortunate things that happen to us and very conveniently let go off memories that made us laugh or the smallest chances we decided to take. 2016 for me was a year filled with some beautiful moments that I am going to share with you guys in this post, while just tossing the bad ones in the bin.

We bought a house: This is by far the most memorable thing for both of us. Its been 6 months since we started living on our own and it is a liberating and exciting thing ever. Decorating each corner meticulously, looking for deals online to buy, cooking meals of our choice, picking out furniture, our year was consumed by these activities. Our world literally revolves around our house now, it's like having a baby.

Learned how to manage a home: While most might feel its no big a deal, it was indeed a challenge for me. After living with my parents and then with in-laws for a year you are in your own comfort zone. There are tons of things that get done automatically eg. bills get paid, groceries are always there when you ask for them, you don't care much about how your house needs dusting, things like that. Living on your own with a house to take care of, is a different ball-game altogether. People in my situation will know what I mean. It is a responsibility that you can't let go of that easily.

My first trip to the mountains: I and Mr.Mode made an impromptu trip to Kasol in October on the eve of his birthday and let me tell you, it was simply amazing. I never knew mountains could look like that, intimidating at the same time magnificent. It stirred up feelings of wonder; I felt like a child amidst a Candyland. I will never forget what I felt. (Read here)

Mr.Mode's first trip to Goa: Can you believe that? Mr. Mode had never been to Goa so most of our peeps would make fun of him that he was actually waiting to get married to a Goan girl because he wanted to spare the expenses. Well, he tried multiple trips but, they somehow failed due to ill health or some last minute work. I was extremely stoked about taking him to Goa meeting my relatives and sharing some amazing childhood memories I experienced during my visits while my vacations as a kid. He absolutely loved every bit of it and acted more Goan than me :P.

My First Tattoo: 2016 was a year of many firsts so yes I finally, finally got my first tattoo. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know what this tattoo is all about. I got my tattoo on 19th December with my best friend Deepika. I am extremely happy that I got it and I really wish I should have got it earlier. (For tattoo story click here)

Started a new section on blog 'Gastronomnom' - Those who follow bOmbayMODE closely already know about this new food section on the blog. It was on my mind for the longest time and I could finally manage to add it only in December. I am glad I did.

Read more - I am proud of myself for reading and not let this resolution go to waste. I ensured I read regularly whenever I got time from my busy schedule even if it meant a page or two. My love for reading has just grown and I repent that I never read much as a child inspite of my brother and father being voracious readers.

Shopped less - Yeah, that happened. You must have read my post Shopping Sabbatical and yes, that did work. I shopped less and instead invested in my house. It was more sensible and fulfilling.

DIY Projects: I love doing DIY projects even if it meant taking risks. The house allowed me to experiment and take up projects that would add a personal touch to the decor. I am happy I could explore my creative side that was in hibernation for the longest time. (read all about decor ideas here)

Mastered in making Pasta: Last but not the least. I love pasta and always wanted to learn to make them in the most authentic way possible. I remember the first time I made was the Aglio Olio pasta and everyone just loving it and comparing it to the pasta served in restaurants. I got motivated and tried other varieties as well, and now I can confidently say I am really good at it. ;)

Let me know in the comments section below, how was the year 2016 for you. I wish 2017 is simply amazing and blessed for you and your loved ones.


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