New Food Section - NOW LIVE !!!

Now, what is a lifestyle blog without Food right! and that was one of the reasons I have included a fresh new section to my blog. I have been dabbling with two projects for quite some time now and this is one of them (the other will have to wait until early 2017).

Welcome to the new, sumptuous section of the blog - 'GASTRONOMNOM'.

Since, I have started living alone, I have realized I am forever experimenting with food and tossing up dishes that are quick, easy and obviously tasty. Every time I travelled to new places, I found myself doing the search for 'the best restaurants nearby' then 'the places to visit'. This section is dedicated to my new-found love and will encompass everything related to food. From local discoveries to recipes to interviews with people from the food industry. You will also get an opportunity to post your recipes, kitchen secrets and things related to food here. All you have to do is email me at and we can take it forward.

I am extremely excited with this new section and I hope you enjoy it too.

My first post in this section will be about the food in Delhi and how different it is and how I coped with it. It will go live tomorrow and I hope you guys love reading it. 


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