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It's been 1.5 years since I moved to Delhi post marriage. While I conveniently settled to my new life and norms (while sorely missing Bombay at every step) there was something I really needed to adjust to, the food. You guys might wonder, what is so different since Delhi is blessed with some great restaurants and cafes. Let me tell you, the style of cooking is very different. Ghee is predominantly used here, street food is different, palates are different, no udupi restaurants etc. to name a few. 

When you visit for a few days, you might be bowled over by the choices but, when you start living here you will miss what Bombay has to offer. I do. Let me tell you the reasons why,

No Wada Pav: Can you believe that. This fiery snack is missing in Delhi. I have friends in Delhi who love wada pav but, have to settle down with a substandard version of it. There are outlets of Goli Wada Pav here, which sell wadapavs at exorbitant prices with sweet pav (not the salty version you find in Bombay). When I asked the guys at the outlet as to why they don't get the salty pav, they said that people in Delhi prefer this pav. Trust me, it's disappointing.

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No Bhajji: Yes, also fondly called as kanda bhajji or batata bhajji, you won't find it here. There is something called as moong dal pakoda but, it is nothing compared to the bhajjis.

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No authentic Pav Bhaji: No, I dont mean the scary red version served in Bombay, I mean the nice one like from Badshah in Crawford Market or at some local Udupi restaurant that is dripping with Amul butter. The pav bhaji you find here is usually mashed potatos with some masala, that's it. And yes, its served with the sweet pav.

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No Sandwich Stalls: The sandwich stalls dotted outside college or railway station used to be my savior during college as they used to be pocket friendly, filling and tasty. So, if you wish to have sandwiches in Delhi then either head to a cafe or Subway, in no way you are going to find it anywhere else. Miss the spicy aloo sandwich with sev sprinkled on top.

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No Anna selling idlis/wadas/dosas: Yeah, this literally aches my heart. You will never find Anna selling steaming hot idlis or dosas on the roadside over here. Rule out any possibility of finding this healthy, cheapest and filling breakfast option but, if you do let me know.

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No Sev  puri/Ragda Pattice/no Bhel puri: While I am not a huge chaat person, if there are days I crave for one, I won't find these varieties. I will have to settle down for golgappa (it's really nice here) or dahi papdi chaat (didn't like) or dahi bhalle (never tried). Sev puri being my favorite chaat, I try to make it at home and have it, to tame my temptation.

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Very Few Udupi/Shetty Restaurants: Like the Shiv Sagars or Shivprasad found in Bombay. People in Bombay will know how the preparations at Udupi/Shetty restaurants are always so different. Be it the local chats or the vegetarian dishes like Mushroom Masala and Paneer Butter Masala, the peculiar taste is unmatched for. 

Very Few Bakeries: No Monginis, no Theobroma, no Birdy's, no Irani cafes, so no baked goodies, no good-quality pastries, cakes, puffs etc. There are local bakeries which bake cakes and stuff but nothing worthy. But, there is The BIG Chill Cakery in Khan Market, which is simply out of this world. Me and Mr.Mode do indulge in their spread once in a while and always look forward to our visits...this place surely 'takes the cake'.

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This almost ends my list. There are tons of amazing places to eat in Delhi, after all it is known for its food; I will be talking about it mostly in my next post. 

Till then don't forget to comment down below and let me know what you think of this new section and what would you like to read.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is just an account of what I miss eating in Delhi. That's it. Take it with a pinch of salt.


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