10 things to do on a Beach Holiday!

Someone had asked me what I love the most, the beach or the mountains and without a doubt in my mind I said the beach. Beach Holidays are close to my heart and are my absolute favorite. Goa is my native and all my childhood memories comprise of the endless sea and me gorging on amazing seafood preparations by my family. The moment I say Beach Holiday, my mind automatically hits a snooze button that doesn't ever want to go off. 

You will be surprised to know that most of my holiday clothing comprises of shorts, maxi dresses, summer hats, swimsuits and things I need on a beach holiday. So, if I ever have to go to some other place I really don't know what to pack. 

This post is for people who like me are going on a beach vacay the 100th time and don't exactly have an itinerary to follow..Need not worry, I ain't gonna talk about obvious things like do water-sports or go clubbing (duh!)

Number 1. Don't Plan: This is the best way to enjoy any vacation. Our lives have been all about planning out the smallest of details right from breakfast to what you going to wear to what assignments to finish. Vacation is the time when you undo all that and relax and enjoy and let things fall in place automatically.

Number 2. Do nothing: Have you guys really tried this ever? Doing nothing is definitely my most favourite thing to do when I want to absolutely relax and indulge in some me-time. So, I do nothing, maybe just watch lill TV, order some food and step out only in the evening to get some fresh air or maybe taste local cuisine. Yes, you should totally give 'doing nothing' a try. A break from social media is also a part of doing nothing.

Number 3. Music: Make a playlist with music that is soothing, meaningful and relaxing. Watching the waves and listening to some soulful music surely tops my list. Trust me, its an experience.
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Number 4. Hire a bike: This is a must. Hiring a bike and exploring with GPS in tow is truly liberating. Its the best way to explore and roam about. Me and my husband did this even in Bali and we enjoyed it to the fullest as it gave us the freedom to move about and discover nooks we wouldn't have explored otherwise.

Number 5. Take a cooking class: It is the best possible way to learn how to make local delicacies. Most destinations these days offer cooking classes, which let you cook and obviously have them too. These classes are super fun and I am sure going to try one next time I visit any beach destination. Goa has a few, you can check them online and make your bookings beforehand for convenience (click here).

Number 6. Gluttony: It is a sin everyone must indulge in on a holiday. We are always so cautious and opt for healthy choices most of the time. A beach holiday is incomplete without its quintessential lipsmacking seafood, and the best part is it doesn't let you put on weight. No, I ain't lying, you can check for yourself, its an established fact. :D

Number 7. Wear anythingFrankly, this is the best time where you can dress up without a care in the world about how you look but, if you are keen on clicking pictures this rule doesn't apply. Dreading to wear the garish outfit you wouldn't wear otherwise, your vacation is the best time to experiment. I was apprehensive about wearing a swimsuit but for my honeymoon I just wore since I really wanted to, and I am glad I did. I felt I conquered my body issue with flying colors.

Number 8. Discover a virgin beach: Visiting the famous beaches is a no-brainer. Real fun begins when you discover a virgin beach and spend some quality time there. I personally love virgin beaches as they are calm, less crowded and are a best way to unwind. 

Number 9. Walk by the beach: Get up early and just walk by the beach before the usual crowd starts to trickle. The morning sea is just serene and you will surely see it in a different light. I fall in love with the sea everytime I visit it in the morning, especially the time when fishermen are clearing their nets and sorting their daily catch. I can sit and watch for hours.

Number 10. Read a Book: Just try it, its really amazing. Even if you are not much of a reader then maybe carry a Tinkle or a fashion magazine; doesn't really have to be a heavy-duty novel.
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With this list you are sure to experience your usual beach holiday differently. Trust me you won't be disappointed. Let me  know in the comments section below how you spend your holiday and what do you do differently each time. Would love to know..


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