Your Ultimate Guide to Beachwear

My year usually ends with a beach holiday mostly in Goa. I am a Goan/Karwari so Yes, I love fish and rice and beach and waves and cashews and, everything Goan. I speak fluent Konkani (thanks to my parents insisting that we learn our mother-tongue) and I am every bit of a Goan as much as I am a Bombay-ite..

I visit Goa almost every year and like most girls I have a separate section in my wardrobe tagged 'Goa Clothes' (Well, not literally)..The section mostly comprises of all things cotton from shorts to sarongs to dresses. Less is More while in Goa, so they are not exactly 'daily-wear appropriate'.

What exactly should one wear to fit the beach mood, to soak the sun the perfect way, to look relaxed yet look well-dressed is the question I shall decode..

Who better than a Goan to answer these questions..Guys the guide is applicable/useful to you as well..

1. Invest in a cool fedora and sunglasses: Since you will be out in the sun most of the time investing in a comfortable fedora and a pair of sunglasses is a must. Ensure your sunglasses are UV protective. 

2. Cotton/linen: Now this is something all of us know but, there are still a few who somehow manage to forget it. Air near the sea is high in salt % and materials like synthetic, acrylic, viscose etc. when rub against the skin cause rashes and discomfort. Cotton or linen are the only materials that are safe for a beach holiday.

This cotton kurta is my beach staple
3. Colour palette: Go for the following palette white, yellow, blue, ivory, beige, sea green, turquoise etc. These tones not only keep cool, but also look refreshing and vibrant. Keep blacks and other deeper tones for the night.

4. Maxi dresses/shorts for girls/Cotton pants/pajamas for boys: A maxi dress is the most versatile thing you can wear on the beach. You can slip it on top of your swimsuit as a cover-up, just hike it up and sit on a bike with ease or dress-up and dress-down depending on where you headed. Next best thing are shorts, rompers, skorts etc. For guys printed shorts, linen pants in beige, oxblood, blue, cotton pants are some interesting and comfy options. 

5. Vests: While basic vests in black, white, grey are a must, the ones in bright colours, fun prints and quotes work well for all. I personally love plain black ones obviously for the versatility it offers.

6. Swimming trunks for boys, bikinis/speedos for girls: A swim suit is a must and there are surprisingly number of options to choose, to suit your body type. I was not comfortable with the idea of wearing one on my honeymoon but, when I found the right style and fit, I felt confident. For slim girls you can go crazy with the styles while for girls like me who are curvy, its kinda tricky. High-waisted retro bikinis, one piece suits work perfectly for curvy body types. I picked my bikini from (bought this but in black) and a red swimsuit from The Label Life.
For guys Speedo trunks and even shorts in nylon-mix material work well. 

7. Flip-flops in rubber: Only these work out perfectly considering the sand and salty waters. Just save your leather footwear for some other occasion.

8. Sling bag/Jhola: Stick to bags/jholas in canvas, cotton or materials that won't get damaged easily. Jhola bags, totes are easy to carry around.

9. Saron/Scarf: You will be surprised to know how handy a sarong/scarf is when you are at the beach. It can be your picnic blanket, your beach cover-up, and also as protection from the harsh sun while you are exploring. Always pick cotton and ones in light colors.

An oldie but a goody...Jhola bag from Goa
10. Jewellery: Last but not the least, the jewelry must not be neglected. Colored beads are by far my favorite as they are vibrant and they don't really have to match. Avoid metal jewelry as they might get tarnished over time. Pure silver jewelry works well too. Guys can also play around with short beaded neckchains in basic or bright colors and it surely looks cool.

While I have to get back to packing my holiday bag, this quick guide will surely help you when you plan your next beach getaway. This list holds true for any beach holiday and trust me you will never go wrong.

Do let me know in the comments section how did you like this write-up and tips I should include here.


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