Our Baby

Today I feel like a grown up, right this particular moment. Not when I graduated or when I started working or even when I got my first salary. It's now, as me Mr. Mode complete more than a month of living in our new home. If you guys were wondering where I was ? Well, I was busy making my house a home. Amidst all the renovation chaos that lasted precisely two and a half weeks with me looking like one of those workers, our home is now ready or rather should I say, LIVABLE.

Right now when I am typing this, 10000 things are running in my head, like how we have to get lights for that balcony or how I don't have a non-stick pan or how I can't sleep with excitement almost every night. Buying a house is a biiiig deal let me tell you, and the feeling is surreal. The time when you know 'This is it', to negotiations to paperwork to final registration, everything is overwhelming. There is so much of uncertainty, you are praying nothing goes wrong all the time.

After practically living on the edge for almost a month, everything happened almost quickly and before we knew it we had our dream house. It's just perfect and we have done it as per our liking. Bright walls, clutter-free furniture, DIYs, hint of craziness is what makes our home welcoming and vibrant. We wish to add a lot of personal touch and are constantly working on ideas. We still have a long way to go before we make it as per what we have in mind, but it's shaping slowly, just like an artisan works on a piece of beauty, we are working on our little home.

Another challenge we are facing right now is how to manage a house. Like how do you do that? We have forever lived with our parents and were spoiled by them (I accept :P). Hats off to our parents to run this engine called HOME rather amazingly. Right from paying the bills, cleaning, cooking, getting essentials, taking care of a house is a full-time job. It takes up so much energy and time, its exhausting yet exciting. I am yet to get used to it, but I know I am doing a pretty good job at it.

However, I don't work on weekends, I give myself a break and also to my house. I just assume it wants to be on its own once in a while. People can judge me all they want but I ain't doing anything on weekends. hehe..

I just had to share this big news with you guys before I get down to my random chore. I might do a house tour for you all when it's done and that's going to take forever. 

Let me know how was your experience when you bought a house or started living on your own. I would love to know how you managed. Also, do share tips and tricks you have implemented in your house. They might just help me.


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