Trend Report: Amazon India Fashion Week 2016 (AIFWAW16)

I know I have been MIA but, Its Been Crazy. My time at Amazon India Fashion Week had me lagging at my writing assignments, which I then had to finish and then things kept piling up, phew!!!. NOW, I am back to what I love doing.

So, AIFWAW16 was a hectic 5 day affair, out of which I went for 3 days. It was super-duper tiring, so took breaks to soothe my aching feet or else would have gone for all the days. I read many blogposts by fellow bloggers of how they were starstruck and felt they were in some dreamland of clothes, frankly, it didn't affect me. I enjoyed the whole thing, but if given a choice of going to a fashion week or a music concert, I will definitely choose latter.

I am new to Delhi, so had no one to accompany me,, and let me tell you I was enjoying it all the more. I made a few friends from the blogging/media world and it was all a good experience.

I attended number of shows and saw number of renowned designers and who's-who of fashion industry's right from Rina Dhaka, JJ Valaya, Shantanu&Nikhil, Anavila, Anita Dongre, Anaita Shroff to name a few so I was brimming from ear to ear after seeing them up, close and personal.

Some shows were drab but, most of them really got me hooked. Anyways, I won't be giving out details of who did what instead, I will be listing out 10 wearable trends that were showcased in most collections and how you can totally own them.
1. Cullotes: Cullotes were over-flowing in almost every collection. Printed silk, pin-striped, bright colours, it was almost too predictable after some point in time. I wore cullotes on Day 1 and I was feeling very happy to have chosen to wear one of the hottest trends right now.

2. Long Flowy Jackets: The ones that add a little drama and all, jackets in light materials like linen, cotton, chiffons etc. made their presence felt in Anita Dongres collection, Anupama Dayal tribal line, Anavilas show etc. I find them quite stylish and love the way they elevate the look of even simplest of outfits.

3. Over-sized Silhouettes: I am personally a fan of this trend right now, but it can be slightly tricky since Indian women are curvy and not exactly lean like the west. Over-sized dresses with pockets, boxy tops, high-waisted pleated pants, voluminous palazzos predominated most of the collection. So if you have a dress which needs slight fitting well, maybe you need to rethink. :)

4. All Things Boho: I have always been a Boho dresser in a way and no it is not because suddenly everyone is a Bohemian belle now. When I saw Anita Dongre, Nikasha, Anupama Dayal's clothes my heart almost skipped a beat as I loved everything. Vegetable dyes, colourful Indian prints, mirror work, is what made these collection stand-out beautifully.

5. Earthy Tones Mostly: Happy colours were a rarity in most collections. Black, White, Grey, Indigo, Deep Rust, Olive Green, Beige, Browns, Mustard, Navy were the colours that made their presence felt. Dhruv Kapoor, Bodice, Ragini Ahuja mostly used these colours and created a surprisingly happy collection I must say.

6. Androgynous: If you aren't working this trend yet, then you are late. Brogues, galluses, checkered pants, crisp shirts, pant-suits, broad leather belts all are huge trend right now. Yea, you heard it right; it's time to rock your dads shirt and your boyfriends jacket.

7. Dhoti Pants and the likes: Almost every indo-western collection had dhoti pants while western wear had similar silhouette, popularly known as drop-crotch pants. 

8. Brogues: Brogues with dresses, Brogues with Sarees, Brogues with almost everything, that is exactly how much this footwear was worn. It was practically in every show and no I ain't complaining. I am a huge fan of brogues and its interesting to know how versatile this simple pair of shoes can actually be.

9. Boxy tops: Imagine a square and then imagine two sleeves popping out of it, that is exactly how boxy tops look. There is something interesting about them and obviously this silhouette was featured in many collections.

10. Shift dresses: Probably the best dresses when it comes to dresses. It suits most body types, is extremely comfortable and has the perfect casual appeal.

So, what you think of this trend report guys? Hope you like it. Do leave comments if you need more details and to know from where you can buy similar styles..


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