10 Tips to Sleep on flight in Peace

I know the title definitely caught your attention. Sleeping is probably the most coveted privilege while travelling and somehow also the most uncomfortable thing on flights. 

When we went for our honeymoon we had to be on two flights for 8 hours total and we can't begin to tell how badly our bodies ached. However, while returning we were cautious and comfortable throughout the entire journey because of few tips we incorporated. 

My last post 10 commandments of travelling covered some simple doable tips that will help travellers have a safe trip no matter which part of the world they are travelling to. 
I love this series of travel-help blogs as it enables me to share things I have learnt and imbibed through my experiences. And, if my experiences can help anybody during their escapades then I guess my job as a blogger is fulfilled :) ...

Here are a few steps, which will surely help you sleep like a baby..

1. Neck pillows: Now this invention is indeed a boon to travellers. I was not a fan until I started using one. Buy a good quality pillow filled with microbeads and which can be used in multiple ways. Also, ensure it has a clip for you to hang it to your luggage with ease.

2. Eye patch and ear plugs: The constant humming of the engine and the dim light will render you sleepless. Invest in a good pair of ear plugs and cotton eye patch (cotton is best) to sleep comfortably.

some quirky ones I liked:
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3. Jacket/cardigan: Keep a light cover-up handy in your bag. I remember when we landed on Malaysia airport, we almost had a frost bite, that was how cold it was. I rushed to the loo and wore my husband's full-sleeved tee and ended up looking like a boy but I had to keep myself warm. So, I have learned from this experience that the world might be getting warmer, but the airports aren't.

4. Stole/shawl to cover legs/cover your feet: You might be all fine as you have your warmest, trusty jacket/cardigan with you but what about the legs. If you have your denims on then its fine, but if you are wearing a skirt or light cotton pants/palazzos etc. then carrying a stole is the wise thing to do as you can just cover your legs. Also, ensure you are wearing closed but flexible shoes. Keep those flip-flops strictly for the beach.

5. No in-house entertainment: Watching movies on flight is probably the only fun part about long flights. I am not exactly saying no to it, instead choose what you watch. Avoid violent, horror or movies that could add disturbing thoughts in your mind. I remember watching the movie 'Chef' on flight and having the best sleep as all I could think about was food :P ..

6. Read something/peaceful music: It is very important to calm yourself, and music really works wonders to a good nights sleep. Reading is another thing I love to do. Reading requires a lot of concentration and obviously you will feel tired soon enough and before you realize you will be all sleepy.

7. Sleeping position: Now, this is dependent on where you are seated. The middle seat is the most uncomfortable one and if you are on a long flight then god help you. One thing you can do is turn slightly on one side (the side you are most comfortable while you sleep on bed) and use a neck pillow - this will give you utmost coziness apart from giving you slight leg room to stretch. 

8. Clothes: This is one of the most important things while you are travelling. You might have seen celebrities wear loose fitting shirts, comfy denims, cardigans, flats, boots etc. while they are travelling. The comfort one feels in loose fitting clothes is unmatched for and who said you have to look less glamorous. You can still wear your boyfriends shirt and look every bit glam doll. Cotton shirts, light cardigans, denims, leather jackets, shrugs, leggings, slip-ons, wedges, ballet shoes are just some of the ideal clothing you can wear. Avoid tight-fitting pants, skirts, sleeveless tops, sheer shirts etc.

I wore cotton pants and tie-dye top and carried a cardigan for my long trip..
9. Say no to coffee: Avoid coffee as you will be wide awake through the night and its just going to get difficult for you to sleep. Instead ask for warm water or milk if possible.

10. Less Luggage: By this I mean don't carry too many bags when you are getting in flight. Just carry one bag that can easily fit in your luggage space above (obviously don't forget to remove your things before you keep the bag). By doing this you will have the leg room all for yourself and not to stuff your luggage.

These 10 steps really work and hope you guys use these while on your next trip. Do let me know of more tips in the comments section below that will help others. 


  1. These tips will help us sleep better at night and be more energetic and productive during your waking hours.

    1. They are tried and tested so they surely will.. :)

  2. I like to get to sleep as soon as the plane boards. I use he pillow sideway and tilt my body so that my head won't fall toward the opening of the "U". The eye mask and ear plugs are really essential since there are always screaming children and fluorescent lights.

    Sleepy travels!

    1. I use neckpillows too but havent been able to find a good eye mask yet. I am glad this post has got so many of you sharing tips that work well for you..


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