Malaysia Sojourn

I almost forgot to post this trip and I hate myself for the delay. Sorry guys. For Part 1 of our honeymoon click here...

Day 1, 29th May 2015: So, we reached Malaysia post a 3 hour flight, Groggy and Tired with a throbbing headache. We had booked ourselves at Angunn Boutique Hotel in Bukit Bintang (this is the most happening area in Malaysia and staying here is advisable), which happens to be the heart of the city. I highly recommend this hotel for its location, amazingly done rooms and the earthy experience you get. Its a fairly small hotel but tastefully done, which instantly makes you feel at home. Me and Mr.Mode simply loved this place.

So, back to the story. We dragged ourselves to the room and went off to sleep only to be awaken by our growling stomachs. The place we stayed was close to the Petronas and Aquaria KLCC, 15-20 mins walking to be precise so, post a quick shower we decided to step out. To our surprise right outside our hotel was a Udupi joint where we hogged on some dosas and dal vada...Malaysian population comprises of Tamilians, and that is the reason why you will find an Udupi Joint in almost every corner. We were more than happy actually, especially my husband who just loves South-Indian food.

The weather was extremely humid and the sweat monster in me just didn't want to behave itself. It started pouring by the time we reached Aquaria. The entry fee was quite expensive, but we enjoyed nevertheless. This place surely made us feel like kids and we went slightly crazy clicking pictures and shooting videos.

Selfie with Mr.Ray
Mr. Ray was in love with Mr.Mode or should I say Miss Ray :)

Say hello to Sharky boy, maybe not
Found Nemo 
Spot the Fish
Where did the fish go?

We skipped Petronas though, we thought it was foolish to just click pics in front of a building. We could see those towers from every corner possible and didn't see the point in going all the way. We walked back the entire stretch yet again and it was pleasant this time because of the unexpected showers. We stopped at 7-11 store for water and other eatables and headed towards the food street close to our hotel. The street was loaded with tons of food, right from fruits to noodles to rice to creepy-crawlies. Malaysians love their food I must say; you only see people eat here. Finally, post deliberation we decided to stock on tropical fruits (Watermelon, Dragon fruit, Rambutan and Roseapple) and cup noodles.

Day 2, 30th May - We had planned our visit to Batu Caves and Little India. Because of the heat, hiring the cab was the logical option only to realize they charge a bomb. We asked the hotel staff and he gave us an interesting option of travelling via ring-rail as Batu Caves was actually the last station, We walked down to the nearest station and booked tickets and in no time we were in a comfy train. We reached Batu caves in 20 mins and the best part was that we could actually see the caves from the platform itself. So, basically the station opens to Batu Caves. Cool, ain't it?.

We climbed hundreds of stairs in sweltering heat and clicked loads of pics and later celebrated with some masala dosa, obviously.

272 stairs and world's largest statue of Lord Murugan

This location..

We left the place got on the train and headed to Little India. It is a boring street which is filled with tacky Indian clothes and accessories. There was nothing Indian about it, just a cheap version of India rather. I was quite offended because of the stereotypical outlook this place had. Wonder why people associate blingy clothes with India, have they not seen Sabyasachi? This place also had many restaurants serving pakodas, dosas and Indian sweets. I didn't bother clicking any pictures as I very disappointed.

We spent the night just roaming the local markets and malls. Visited Zara, H&M, which was strictly OKAY. Boring actually.
Day 3, 31st May: We had our flight in the evening so decided to step out post our breakfast to the Central Market. After walking for almost 30mins we reached the market. The market had almost everything, bags, shoes, watches, vintage items, souvenirs etc. We shopped a bit and decided to head back to the hotel as it was time to catch our flight. The airport is way out of the city. It almost takes more than an hour to reach and mind you there was no traffic and the driver was driving at a speed of good 100km/hr. Me and Mr. Mode couldn't stop laughing in the cab as he played some atrociously annoying Punjabi numbers, no offence here, but how many Punjabi numbers did he expect us to listen to.

Getting on the flight back home is always the toughest part after a nice holiday. I hate it. I get grumpy like an old woman and keep snapping around. Do you guys hate it too?

It was a memorable trip and Malaysia is good, but not excellent. If you are planning a trip here, stay at Butik Bintang, shop at Central Market, eat loads of tropical fruits and try and visit Genting Highlands, which we missed as we had very little time in hand.


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