Shopping Sabbatical: 10 ways

Let me begin this post by telling you guys a story.

So, the other day when Mr.Mode came from work, I told him excitedly how I had landed a great discount on a dress I have been eyeing for ages. But, my excitement didn't change his rather grim expression, instead, he said a very important thing that changed something in me. He said, "Why is that you need to buy something every week; it's a problem and you should do something about it. You won't be able to do big things you have planned if you keep spending on such trivial things". That moment it did hurt me a lot as he never says anything whenever I buy/shop.

That was when I realized I had a problem, a problem most girls will relate to. I was a SHOPAHOLIC. Yes, there I said it. I am a shopaholic and I don't want my life to be about this sole purpose anymore.

Since my work involves me looking at shopping websites all the time, it was super enticing. A discount here, an offer there, you can't blame me. I realized new clothes made me happy only for a few days and then I was back doing what I always do, browse to shop more. My big plans will make me content for the longest time, and that is exactly what I aim to focus on from now on. But firstly, let me nip this addiction in its butt.

The very next day I devised a plan for myself, which I have already implemented for a trial period of a month. I am on my day 8 and so far it's going good.

Remove all shopping apps: Cleansing my phone was a pivotal part of this journey. I removed all the apps from my phone and bookmarks from my laptop as well.

Cleaning up my closet: I will be giving out clothes I don't need. Selling the new ones which I have not worn (SpoylApp) and donating some old ones to the orphanage. This cleansing is a super important part of this program as you learn to give up on things that are immaterial, and also get rid of the hoarding habit.

Need and Want: While I always want everything nice I see, I have also started asking myself if I need it. There is a huge difference between necessity and wanting it and the time you know it, you will end up buying half of the stuff.

Say 'No': The other day I and Mr. Mode were out and he kept showing me things to buy, he even forced me, but I refused point blank. I said a big no and walked out of the store. I felt like rewarding myself and was super proud. I intend to keep doing this but, gifts are more than welcome :)..

Start a calendar: I mark the day I don't shop and it really feels like an achievement to see my progress as I do it every day. 10 days more and I will complete a month of 'no shopping'.

Treat myself: No, I don't treat myself by shopping, instead, I make myself a nice cup of green tea, or a bowl of popcorn or maybe have little ice-cream.

Do other things: I am utilizing the browse-to-shop time to do rather interesting things. I go for walks more often, read an article, pamper myself, anything but definitely not shopping.

Experiment: I always loved to mix and match things and wear my stuff differently each time, which I kinda stopped doing altogether when the shopaholic habit kicked in. So, now I am surprised at how my mind works overtime in planning my wardrobe and wearing every piece in numerous ways. It's fun and interesting.

DIYs: Yes, you heard it right. DIYs are fun and satiates my creative side and I really urge you guys to try it as well. You can do a ton of things in your free time you are going to save from not shopping. I have a couple of ideas that I am working on, of which you will see soon in 'The Creative Bug' section.

Awareness: I realized I was mostly browsing through shopping apps whenever I was traveling or was in the car with Mr.Mode. I have stopped doing that altogether, instead, I look around, watch people, have heart-to-heart conversations with Mr.Mode and trust me it's more interesting and liberating.

So, roughly this is how I have changed my ways to give up on my addiction, I am calling it an addiction because it really started affecting my sanity. I want you guys to be a part of this journey, obviously if you are a shopaholic like me. This plan has worked for me so far. We can do this together to make it a big success. 

Let me know in the comments section if you are game and I would be more than happy to get you on board.


  1. the calendar idea is lovely
    "No, I don't treat myself by shopping...." - v.well put


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