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I am in awe of people who are creative, who think out of the box and who are insanely talented. They almost make me feel worthless, but, the fact is they inspire me to push myself, work harder and think differently. 

 You guys already know how I like to start most of my posts with a hint of drama, so here goes. While on my usual writing chore, and mandatory online shopping, I bumped into this pretty earring, which gave me sleepless nights. It was rustic, unique, un-apologetically eye-catching, just how I like it. With this my hunt to find the artist behind this gorgeous piece started and there I found my gem (pun intended). That very moment, I knew I had to get her on Mode Talk. After initial conversations, this almost fizzled out and I had to literally kick myself to get this going (apologies for the delay Advaeita).

I feel super proud of myself to have found this talented, humble soul who was more than happy to get this post going for bOmbayMODE. Curated by Advaeita Mathur (Winner of the 'Fashion Incubator' program organised in India by Myntra for the accessory brand Metallurgy, 2015.), Metallurgy is a unique jewellery brand that believes in seeing beauty in unlikeliest of things. Advaeita finds solace amongst industrial scraps, electrical parts, discarded brass and transforms them into pieces of art, quite literally. I am failing miserably in putting Metallurgy in words but, I guess when you will see,
 you will know. 

Who is Advaeita Mathur?

She is a Creator. She lives to express what catches her fancy into tangible objects. She is also
someone who has just begun to explore what drives her. It is like being an anchor less boat. So 
perhaps, I shall come back with ‘Who is Advaeita Mathur’ once she anchors and finds her shore.

The earrings that caught my attention
 When did you realize that your calling lies in doing something creative?

Although by the time I passed out of school, I was head set into becoming a fashion designer, I
chose to join St.Stephen’s to give academics one last shot. Although I really enjoyed history I
suppose those three years made me realize that pursuing design was probably the right calling.
But I am so glad I chose to pursue history. It made me realize that though I could be
academically good, I would rather earn my living as a designer.

Were you scared and venturing something that was not "conventional"? How did your 
parents react?

My parents always supported my artistic pursuits but like all Indian parents, they felt that
perhaps acquiring a basic degree would be a safer option as opposed to pursuing a design
course right after school. It felt easier to shift from academics to design. Since I took this path eventually, in retrospect, I suppose I was scared to choose unconventionality
and what if I failed at it and wasn’t creative enough.

It’s crazy how the competitive world catches us so young in India.

What was the first thing you made? How did it feel?

The watch part & fuse earrings were one of the first pair of earrings and well, it felt great !  But I feel like I’m on top of the world with each new piece that gets executed. It’s the best bit because when you don’t need external validation for good work, then you know that you are
doing just fine.

How Studio Metallurgy was established?

Studio Metallurgy was established 3 weeks after I quit my new job at a start up. I had just won
the Myntra incubator program 2015, but instead chose something that seemed like a
great work opportunity. As destiny would have it, I changed cities from Delhi to Bangalore
and was back in Delhi, barely 2 months later, unemployed and with no clue what to do next.
So, at 8 p.m. on a Monday evening, I decided to make a Facebook page for Metallurgy and by
10 a.m. next morning I was in business with my first orders from friends and family to begin with.
It’s been quite a journey since because, I started with no business plan or a manufacturing back-end in place and have quite literally learnt on the job.

I think I’ve just passed kindergarten so there is a long way to go still.

What sets Studio Metallurgy apart from other jewellery brands?

With the number of references/inspirations available online nowadays, a lot of brands tend to
simply copy or modify existing designs.
So one of the key things that sets Metallurgy apart is its originality in design concepts. Each
collection is unique and absolutely original in its method of execution.
Metallurgy stands for minimal industrial sleek design. It’s extremely contemporary in its aesthetics and meant to make a statement while being understated.

What inspires you? How India inspires you?

Blending handcrafted unevenness with the accuracy associated with industrial hardware inspires
me. What inspires me in India is that at the moment there is a unsaturated niche for contemporary
art jewelry. It is not as lucrative as precious jewelry and hence, not patronized as much. I hope to absorb this niche with Metallurgy.


While most of the raw materials you use is industrial junk and scrap, how do you conceptualize in making such fine items in the first place?

I am often asked this question. But I’m not sure I know the answer. It is just such a natural chain of thought processes. When I see an electric fuse or a rivet or a steel nozzle, it just fits into combinations of rings or earrings/ pendants etc in my head, like pieces from a jig saw puzzle!

No two pieces are the same yet they fit together to form the larger picture.

How much time it takes from concept to execution?

That depends entirely on the process involved. Often it is a matter of just welding two pieces together but sometimes it can take weeks !

Who is your favourite jewellery designer (India/International)?

In India, that would be En Inde.

Whom do you wish to see in your jewellery? Past and Present?

I love it when my own friends wear it :D

What is your most favourite jewellery piece?

At the moment, my molten  brass coral collection.

Who is your biggest fan?

Probably, my imaginary dog. 

So what's your personal style like?

Either black or white with some grey on days I want ‘colour’ :D
And a statement piece from Metallurgy with my big dial titan watch and a dash of plum cherry

What next for Studio-M?

That’s a secret you shall have to wait and watch out for. I promise to not disappoint !

Rapid Fire

Q1. Masala Chai or Coffee:


Q2. Paris or Greece:

Greece, never been there. Paris I love but less than Italy.

Q3. Your fav childhood memory:

A visit to a water park in wellington, ooty when I was 10.

Q4. Prized Possession:

For now, my ATM card. It never seems to have any money in it !!

Q5. Favourite dessert:


Q6. The best vacation so far:

Italy always.

Q7. Your 4 a.m. person:


Q8. Whose personal style you love:

Julia Roberts.

Q9. Things you want to raid from your mum's closet:

Her heirloom jewellery.

Q10. Studio-M in 5 words:

Original, Contemporary, Industrial, Eclectic, Androgynous

Q11. What do you think of bOmbayMODE:

That it is excellently curated !!

I wish Studio Metallurgy transforms the face of abstract jewellery and reaches insurmountable heights.


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