(not-so) Little Black Dress

This title somehow kept playing in my head since past year. The term Little Black Dress coined by Chanel made me wonder if a black dress was really 'little'..Little is rather deceiving while referring to a black dress, don't you think??
Black is mysterious and intriguing, however, a black dress makes girls confident, helps them embrace their bodies and gives them the courage to take on the world. 

A black dress is Powerful, Flattering, Classy and moreover, Dependable . I want to call it a MBD, short for Mighty Black Dress.

I avoided shooting pictures for the longest time but, my black dress helped me fight my inhibitions and gave me the confidence to face the camera..

I wore my trusty black midi dress with my winter favourite, an Army Jacket (my brother gifted me), to give the dress an extra edge.

Dress: Zara (similar here)
Jacket: Mango (similar here)
Shoes: Carlton London (similar here)
Fly Brooch: Splash Fashion
Ring: Ottoman Hands

Hope you guys liked this shoot which was captured beautifully by Prem from Northstar Photography. 
These pics are not photoshopped or enhanced in anyway. I like it like that.
This is me, the 'Real' Me..


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