The Art of Accessorizing

While I was busy working on my next post, I realized I had almost written a post that was still lying in my drafts. I am an impulsive writer and I write only when ideas come to me and this post is just one of those whimsy ones.

So, I am back to my first love fashion (or, is it traveling now?? CONFUSED). 
People who know me know how much I love accessorizing. I take my accessories very seriously as I truly feel they have the potential to make or break a look. My outfit is practically incomplete without adding a statement piece. Even when I am traveling I look out for jewelry to add to my ever-growing collection. The days I forget to wear accessories (very rare) I feel incomplete.

Accessories are like spices. The sprinkle of chilly flakes/oregano on a pizza or the dust of freshly ground pepper on pasta...Accessories are just that.

With the huge range/types that are available, it is difficult to find ideal yet versatile pieces that could complement most outfits. This post will help you do just that. Your ultimate guide to buying jewelry that you can wear over and over again. 

I have listed some type of accessories that you must add to give a special touch to your outfit and overall look:


Gold/silver danglers, Jhumkas, Button Earrings, Small Studs.

These types suit most face shapes and Indian as well as western wear. Look out for earrings that stand out and accentuate the shape of your face and always try before making a purchase. If you have a round or a square face shape go for longer ones; steer clear from broad earrings or oversized studs. Oval or longer faces can wear all kinds.

As seen HERE

These from PipaBella..
Geometric ones look really attractive
Looks great with plain outfits
Statement rings are definitely my favorites. I have them in every possible color and wear them quite often to match my outfits. I used to like the midi-rings trend but not sure I still like them as I find them uncomfortable. If you wish to keep your look rather simple but still want that special element then statement rings are a way to go.

How pretty is this ring.
I am a huge necklace-hoarder.
Multi-layered necklace: Longer ones add height to the overall appearance. For girls who are either short, top-heavy or are on the heavier side, then I highly recommend long chains. These necklaces add a slimming effect and definitely enhance the overall look. They are perfect and comfortable for girls with shorter neck-heights as well. The longer versions of charms and coin necklaces are my favorite kinds.

Short necklaces: Ideal for round, square necks blouses. Not recommended for girls with a short neck as it cuts down on height and makes the person appear shorter. Girls with longer neck or longer face shape (oval to be precise) can flaunt this trend. This blue-white one caught everyone's attention during my honeymoon and had many asking me from where I picked it.

Pendants-chains: If you believe that minimal jewelry is your thing then do look out for pendants that are one-of-a-kind, quirky and with intricate detailing. 

Oxidized Indian choker: There is a certain Indian-ness to these chokers and are mostly available at one of those exhibitions that sell Indian handloom wear and artifacts. I have two of these and both are so different. They look amazing when paired with kurtas, long skirts, palazzos especially with flowy silhouettes and Indian prints as they add a certain charm to such outfits. I am a huge fan of these chokers and mostly pair them with whites and indigos.

This pure silver one is from Udaipur..

Bow-ties: The whole androgyny trend has definitely got a big fan in me. I do wear bow-ties (see here) once in a while to add a bit of quirk.

From IndiaCircus, just love the print
Bracelets and Bangles
I am always stacking up on bracelets and bangles as I just love the way each of them blends nonchalantly. I try to stack mostly in similar color theme or texture or just go crazy with whatever catches my eye in my jewelry drawer. Thread bracelets, oxidized varieties of charms are cheaper to buy, but if you are looking for pure silver options then they are expensive and obviously, the piece should be worth every penny..Accessorize (you can find their collection on Myntra), Blur, Forever 21 have an amazing collection when it comes to dainty ones.
1st from Accessorize, 2nd from Colaba, 3rd from Goa, 4th from Cambodia
My fav from Amrapali, Jaipur

Also seen here

This extensive guide will surely help you in making smart purchases. While there is no set rule to dressing up if you carry it with utmost confidence however, a few pointers will only enhance the overall look and your personality.

psst..its really a fun post


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