10 Random Hacks for Every Girl..

I love random things in life just like this blog, which I thought of while reading the morning newspaper and sipping on hot tea. A great soul a.k.a 'MEonce saidIt is in the random things that one finds life, and so I am starting a series of blogs which will list down 10 random things. Why 10? Just because I prefer round figures :).

My first attempt at listing down 10 random things was this handy blog post for all travelers '10 commandments of traveling' and it was received really well by most of you. So, I plan to do so for topics that strike my interest and also on which I can offer you some valuable information. (All these blogs will be listed under the tab 'The Random 10')

The hacks listed below are for every girl who faces these common issues and doesn't seem to know how to handle them tactfully.

  • Bad hair day: Topknots or messy buns are a definite savior when it comes to bad hair days. It's easy, suits most face shape and with long earrings, you can rock it any day and with any given outfit. I wear this almost all the time especially when I am traveling.

  • Down with flu: Liner, mascara, pressed powder and a bright lipstick: if you are armed with these items then no one can ever guess that you are sick. 
Dholki Beads from Amrapali
  • Chipped nail-polish: Just remove everything and apply a coat of transparent polish. Its better than carrying chipped colored polish any day, and you can even do this while on your way to work. Since it's transparent, it will give a tempting shine to your nails and nobody will even notice if it is applied badly.
  • Want to look dressy in flats?: Wear brogues (I loveee them) or pointed ballerinas. Round-tipped flats make the feet appear smaller and also don't look as dressy. Even the ankle strapped flats look great with any dresses. 
My trusty Clarks!!

  • Feeling bloated?: Wear black. Its the best solution to look slim and stylish at the same time. Sip on some hot water/green tea through the day as well. You will feel refreshed in no time.
  • Wish to look dressed up but, no time to dress up? Just wear denims and a white shirt. This is my absolute go-to outfit, and I guess I have spoken about a white shirt in umpteen number of posts now. A pair of heels and a classy watch is all you need to complete the look.

multiples ways of styling a white shirt!!

  • Feeling lazy, tired and sad? A refreshing hot shower with a fragrant soap or shower gel will change your mood in minutes. If possible, play some music while taking a shower ;) but, yes don't slip and fall from all the dancing, which you will surely do. Another option is to eat a hearty meal, pizza, pasta, chicken wings, something that you absolutely love. Food can really cure even the saddest of moods, must try.
  • Stuffed from your meal: Sip on hot cuppa green tea or hot water with lemon through the day and avoid eating anything for a few hours till your stomach is clear.
  • Wish to work-out but, somehow can't step out: Just blast on some music and jump around or quickly do a few Suryanamaskars (anywhere between 20-50 counts). While doing so do start a fitness app; you will be surprised to see how easy it is to burn calories, even when you are home (100 calories with 8-10mins of mad jumping around).

These are tried and tested hacks are extremely effective. 
Go on try it and let me know of any new ones that you swear by!!


  1. you look really cute in that white top <3
    love the transparent top coat trick

  2. Thanks Aishwarya :) and yes that transparent coat trick works especially for lazy girls like me :P


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