Our Bali Escapade!!

!!A Very Happy 2016 to All My Readers!!

2015 was rather eventful for me and my life has definitely changed for good. I got married, moved to a different city, started freelancing, travelled a lot (Bali, Malaysia, Mumbai, Udaipur) got used to doing household chores, got more responsible, lol (I guess)..I am really looking forward to 2016 as we have big travelling plans and I couldn't be more excited. 

I am not a resolutions kinda girl but, this year I have definitely resolved that I am going to write more. I want to start my new year by doing what I love most - WRITE

My husband actually wanted me to write about how awesome and handsome he is (mad he is) which I have partially done here. This new post is however about our honeymoon trip we took almost 7 months back. More than the wedding I was more excited about our honeymoon. So much so that my honeymoon shopping was done even before my wedding outfits were made. lol..

I remember having this conversation with my husband on where he would want to go for our honeymoon and bang came the reply from him "A beach, somewhere we can relax". I almost instantly knew I wanted to go to Bali. Mr. Mode suggested a couple of places like Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, but then with my convincing powers, he was sold. So, Bali it was and we also added three days of Malaysia to our trip.

I am one of those travellers who plans but, doesn't really follow it to a tee. I obviously make a list of things I want to see and go to and do but, there is no date and time fixed for it. Its whimsical and prompt and I love it like that. We went for our honeymoon after 10days of our wedding as we didn't want to rush and be more tired. This is something I recommend to all couples. It gives you more time to plan out, pack bags and obviously for the girl to adjust in the new family.

I am not going to bore you with extensive details of what we did, so, here is just a teeny tiny glimpse:

Day 1, 24th May: Left for Bali by a night flight (Flight was Delhi - KL- Bali). The flight was long and exhaustive (7 hours flying + 3 hours waiting) but, that somehow didn't affect our excitement.

Day 2, 25th May: Reached Bali by 12 p.m. (Bali time). Relaxed and went for a swim ATE and headed to Kuta Beach for a nice walk. Ended our day with a romantic dinner at Holiday Inn. We also went to the local mall to pick some fruits, water, energy drinks and other eatables for our long trip next day. I recommend you guys to try the local fruits when you visit Asian countries. They are exceptionally juicy and yummy.



Day 3, 26th May: This day was rather super exciting. We had booked our trip to Tanah Lot Temple and Batur lake and active volcano in Kintamani from Makemytrip.com. We got bonus trips to other places, the silver jewellery and wood-work workshop, which was quite boring and people over there also seemed to be disinterested. The trip also included a visit to coffee plantation which also cultivated cocoa, spices, herbs, fruits, flowers and the insanely expensive Luwak Coffee.. They offered us 14 types of drinks (coffee, tea etc) which had distinct taste and were so different from what we have tasted. We thoroughly enjoyed this experience. 

We ended up picking tons of stuff since they all were organic; coffee, tea, perfumes, we left the place with all of it..

Mr busy roasting..The aroma was so delish

She was so shy

Where is my coffee??
13 types, absolute coffee/tea coma

Bali Coffee..

Kintamani-The active volcano..How beautiful!!

Tanah Lot!!

Day 4, 27th May: We were all set to go to Potato Head and were obviously pretty excited as we had heard a lot about it. So armed with our swimming gear we headed to this pub-cum-pool area. The moment we set ourselves on the table we changed to our swimwear and headed to the pool. The setting is relaxed and lively while the location overlooking the expansive Indian ocean simply makes it breathtaking. This place is definitely worth every exaggeration. We watched the sunset together, sipped on cocktails and had the most amazing cheese sandwich. 

The neck piece you see in this pick was complimented by two guys at Potato Head. They thought it was from Bali and I proudly told them it was in fact from India. I was definitely all smiles. 

The most memorable sunset..

So much cheese had us feeling guilty at the end..
Day 5, 28th MayThis day was fun too. Early morning we just went to the nearby beach clicked and posed for a few pictures. Later, we hired a bike and just kept roaming the streets and had awesome meal at this local place by the beach in Discovery Mall called the Coco Bistro. We were so relieved that we found this place. We were just so fed-up of the food there, as most of it would smell like fish. We do eat non-veg but the pungent odor really put us off. We also discovered an interesting place called Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. 
If this doesn't ring a bell then you probably don't know about the movie Forrest Gump. I am
sure there are many of you who simply love the movie Forrest Gump (I mean who doesn't?) and this place will remind you of all those small moments this movie has. Like the bench where Forrest is sitting and telling his story or the abnormally big shoes he wears; the cafe also plays the movie on loop. The only reason we couldn't go was because the place was full and we had to wait for more than an hour. 

Day 3, 29th MayWe had an early morning flight to Malaysia and after a sleepless night we headed to the airport groggy-eyed. We were obviously excited about our next stop, Malaysia..I was actually more excited about visiting H&M there :P..Girls I tell you..

We really wished to stay a little longer in Bali, visit the countryside and be one with the surroundings. Bali was surprisingly clean (the toilets are sparkling at all times), friendly, refreshing and calming and an ideal destination for beach-lovers. The food might be disappointing but a little research on where to eat will really help.  

Things we did in Malaysia in next post to come soon..


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