Rendezvous with Mr.Mode

Our lazy Wednesday morning lead to this. Enjoy..

(DISCLAIMER: None of the answers were forced out of him or altered in any way. All the pointed responses were given my Mr. Mode a.k.a Shivik Gupta himself..)

Name: Shivik Gupta

Occupation: I work

‌Things u like: love eating outside, travelling, watching movies, walking in bylanes of Old Delhi, troubling my nephew Ishan

Do you like the title Mr. Mode: ABSOLUTELY!! (Grins from ear to ear..)

‌How is it to be Shruti's husband: Tough. Really, really tough..(me rolls eyes)

‌What do u like about bOmbayMODE: Firstly, its written by my wife (Aww!). Its about all things like fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, and everything to do with good life. Every time I read about my engagement or any occasion I feel like I am reliving the moment.. It's unadulterated, fun and engaging.. (brownie points for the answer Mr. Mode)

What's the best thing about being married: That I have a friend next to me all the time.
‌What is your fashion sense like : Simple yet classy (He's sounding so Chanel right now!!)

One fashion advice to all guys: Always wear clothes that fit u it shirt or trousers..guys have a casual attitude when it comes to fits and always end up wearing a size smaller or bigger..Secondly, don't hesitate to experiment with colours..
(hes learning a thing or two)

Do u like shopping ? Yes (
No, hes not held at gunpoint to say this)

what is shrutis fav food: You keep confusing me, sometimes you say its sea food, sometimes you say its dal chawal 
 (FactHe doesn't know :()

Rapid fire:

One place you recently visited and loved: Bali
‌Your favorite comfort food: stuffed parathas (Soo North Indian)

‌favourite movie: Gladiator
‌favorite designer: Sabyasachi

‌A date in the coffee shop or stroll in the park: stroll in the park..

‌Your prized possession: My car (What about me??)

Best thing about Shruti: She's straight forward

Best food made by Shruti: Poha, Rajma (out of ton of things I have made he remembers these boring things)

Shorts or denims: both

black or white: both

Suits or bandhgalas: bandhgalas (
even wore one for our reception)
5 favourite item in your closet: my Ed Hardy jacket for winters, my Bhane white linen shirt bought by my wife, my buckled brown leather shoes, saxophone-shaped cufflinks again gifted by my wife.

It was great talking to you Mr. Mode. I had fun doing this. Hope you guys now know what I am dealing with post marriage..:D


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