10 Commandments of Travelling

We all love to travel in leisure and for that we plan extensively, sometimes for months. We plan each and every detail but somehow very conveniently forget these small things which make a huge difference and are equally important while travelling. 

While on my recent trip to Udaipur, I learnt how incorporating these small things really helped us and made our trip comfortable and safe.

Here's the quick list:

1. Say Thank You: I think its the whole "Indian" problem, somehow we feel its "uncool" to say Thank You. I personally feel its the best thing you can say to anyone. I have a habit of saying Thank You when someone has done even the smallest of things for me and frankly it does wonders.
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2. Ask, Ask, Ask: Ask for best restaurants, ask for directions, ask for best shops to buy, just ask. You will not only learn a lot about things local but you will actually feel you are part of the place when you strike a conversation with random strangers. Our trips have always taught us something. Simple trick: Ask the same thing to 3 different people and you are sure to get different replies..choose the one that suits you best. You can also do best of 3 if two replies are the same.
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3. Your luggage - Your Problem: Never, ever leave your luggage. EVER..

4. Passport = Life: Guard it with your life. Carry it almost all the time. Yes, even when you are on your loo break. 
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5. First-Aid Kit: Basic meds, band-aids, ointments etc. This MUST be a part of your luggage.

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6. Haggle: There is absolutely no shame in haggling. I have learnt this the hard way as I used to be embarrassed (except when I am shopping), but seriously you will be surprised to know haggling is NORMAL and not exactly non-classy. Tip: Smile while haggling and the thing is yours.

7. Just GPS: The perfect tool for wanderers, GPS is truly a blessing. On our recent Udaipur trip, rickshaws were literally taking us for a royal ride. They would say things like its 5 k.m. away and its choc-a-bloc with traffic only to realize its barely 2 k.m. away and then obviously no or very little traffic. We even showed the app and the driver promptly said, we don't believe in app..ignorance is bliss you see.. So, use GPS wherever possible and avoid being fooled..

8. Say No: Learn to say a firm NO. You will be constantly pestered by guides, beggars, vendors, drivers, etc. your attitude and your tone is what will matter if you wish to get rid of them instantly. So just look in their eyes and Say a clear NO.
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9. A trusted driver: To each his own but venturing out at night should be avoided if the place is known to be unsafe at night and if at all you do, ensure you have a driver available at your beck and call. If it is arranged by the hotel travel desk then its even better as the hotel management ensures safety of their guests.

10. Two phones/power bank: I know its the age of smart phones, but we have come across instances of phones not working/low on battery when we actually need it. Keep a power bank or a simple/fully charged phone with you (the most basic Nokia phone with sturdy keypad is the best) at all times.
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I am sure most of us are planning year-end trips and I felt putting up this post up was extremely essential. These commandments ensure safe travelling and how can I forget, you also end saving lot of time and money. So, go ahead enjoy your trip with these 10 commandments handy at all times..


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