Finally, The Reception Evening!! (Part V)

Phew!! These posts have been quite exhaustive..

It was only at 6 p.m that all the rituals ended. I really didn't have time to relax and was rushed to do my make-up and hair for the evening. To my surprise I was ready in 45 mins flat. Unbelievable isn't it. It happened as I didn't do any elaborate hairstyle or any fancy make-up. I wanted to be 'me' for the reception; with my hair in soft curls and smokey brown eyes, I was all ready..

The Reception Look (Bride): About the outfit, I didn't want a heavily embellished one and definitely not with the kalis as they have been done to death. I wanted my reception look to be elegant, simple yet glam enough and definitely something in 'fanta' orange. When I went to the store I saw many colors but, my mind didn't want to give up on an orange outfit just yet. 

After checking some 25 options I sheepishly told the guy that I was looking for something non-bridal and something in orange. The shopkeeper was sweet enough and told me "Madam, you are looking for a decent lehenga and I think I have the exact one for you". Then from this huge fancy pack came this beautiful lehenga in dull gold with intricate embroidery. I accept I have a weakness for gold and I already had a gold lehenga, however, then came the "twist". He took out a dull gold blouse with brown, gold and orange embroidery and a bright orange chiffon dupatta.. I loved the way it looked but it was not 'receptiony' enough, so I tweaked the dress a bit for it to look apt for a newly-wed bride..

The Reception Look (Groom): As sweet it might sound, Mr. Mode insisted on matching my lehenga. Now, hold on to your horses, he obviously didn't wear a orange outfit (now that would be something, ain't it?). Most grooms opt for suits in black or grey and match the tie to brides outfit. Well, as you guys know, I don't really believe in following cliches and so asked him to get a bandhgala made. After some hunting and tweaking and what-not, he got a beige-ish bandgala with orange detailing designed. 

Our outfits matched to a tee and looked splendid; even the lehenga disaster (read here) didn't affect my happiness on seeing our perfectly complementing outfits. We were stoked when everyone noticed our coordinated outfits and complimented for the same.
(psst..The hotel rooms curtains and decor were orange in color as

Something Special: So a month prior to the wedding my husband called me and told me that he was designing a jewellery piece for me. Like a typical wife-to-be, I said he shouldn't waste money and time on these things, since I already have enough jewellery and that I don't like gold much blah blah blah. He obviously didn't pay heed to whatever I said and just did what he had to. 

A day before the wedding his parents gifted me this box and to my surprise it was this stunning diamond necklace, which Mr.Mode had designed from scratch. I couldn't keep my eyes off it and I knew I had to wear it with my lehenga irrespective of whether it matched my outfit or no. No jewellery could every do justice to the way I looked. The necklace matched my outfit perfectly and I just let that be the center of attention that day..

The evening began with guests meeting us and then posing for the round of photographs..My cheeks were numb after the whole chore, which lasted for close to 3 hours. I really feel this ritual of standing and clicking pictures should be stopped completely. I find it forceful, stupid and the couple just cant move from the stage. 

So after standing for hours, we finally managed to click a few pictures together..This part was definitely super fun to shoot..

The time after this went past in a blur where I remember having some food from the menu I meticulously chose and then crashing on bed only to wake up with a phone call from my mom-in-law..

To this day I can't believe I am married; even when I am writing this post and uploading my wedding pics. When I look back now I just remember after all the chaos and months of planning, I had my wedding day. It was not my dream wedding, but atleast it had all the people I love and I wouldn't have it any other way..

Feeling kinda emotional as this is my last post from 'The Wedding Shenanigans' series. I thoroughly enjoyed compiling these and I hope you guys loved reading them.. I was not planning on doing this as I had seen most bloggers do it and I felt it was something personal, I shouldn't be doing it and things like that. I think penning and sharing them here is definitely the best way. If I ever wish to reminisce my wedding day and relive each moment, it is now just a click away..

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