The Day I Became Mrs.MODE (Part IV)

We completed 100 days of being married a few days back and we celebrated by making some paneer tikka pizza for our family (Oh Yes, he helped). The celebrations for me felt incomplete as I had to share details about the day with you guys; the day I officially became Mrs to my Mr on May 14th. Life is about rejoicing small things after all, ain't it?...

I got up on the 14th morning after a sleepless night. No, I didn't feel any jitters, but then the thought of me getting married kinda kept me wide awake. My room was in shambles as all my relatives had dumped their luggage, so obviously finding things was super difficult. I headed for a quick shower as I had to step out to the venue by 11.30 a.m. (Mahurat was at 2:30 p.m.). With my hair all wet and me struggling with putting up a red suit in a cramped up space, I barely had any time to feel anything. As I was leaving my home, I kinda burst out crying. It was definitely emotional, but I knew things were going to be good from now on.

I reached the venue and my make-up artist and hairstylist almost immediately started with my makeup.

The Wedding Look(BRIDE): I never wanted to wear red for my wedding, NEVER. The moment I entered Paaneri store (again I went with no intention to buy) I told the sales-guys to show me anything but red. Then came saris in purple, pink, blue, multi-colored and god knows what. I must have draped around 25 saris that day but none of them appealed to me or my parents. After the gorgeous sari we picked for the engagement we were looking for something on similar lines, better was what we wanted. 

I was fed up by then and just told my dad to choose for me instead. The sales guys were extremely patient the moment I told them it was for my wedding and showed me only the best from their store. Then out of the heap of 100 saris dad pulled out a red and gold Benarasi, which he asked the sales guy to drape on me. I was losing my patience and was ready to scream DAD, NO RED AND GOLD PLEASE only to turn and look at myself and I knew this was kinda 'It'. I secretly wished to wear a Benarasi always, since my mom wore a beautiful one for her wedding.

Dad had made up his mind and asked me to trust his decision. I was more than happy to oblige, as my dad has really good taste when it comes to clothes. I paired my red sari with copper-gold brocade blouse as the original blouse with sari was boring plain red.

For my hair I wanted it to be a messy bun with a string of flowers and the makeup had to be subtle with gold highlights. The jewelry would be all antique like I wore for my haldi ceremony except for the gold jhumkas, big kundan nath (always wanted to wear one) and the head chain was an addition. 

The Wedding Look(Groom): He wanted to wear a sherwani made from 'kinkhab brocade' and wanted to pair it with dhoti pants. After a lot of search and research, he found the exact material at Frontier Raas outlet in South Ex. The sherwani was made just 3 weeks before the wedding. Call it last minute change in the wedding outfit. It was tailor-made to fit perfectly along with a matching sehra, which he again got specially made from a store in Old Delhi since he wanted it to be authentic Rajasthani-style.

I was super relaxed while getting ready and my friends were busy clicking selfies and cracking uncensored jokes (oh Yes.. !!) .. I was ready in almost 2 hours and my gang of photographers swarmed me for pictures. Some cliched, some different, some awkward. While I was busy doing this, to my horror came the headgear which was supposed to be mandatory. After much hue and cry, I agreed to wear it, but the rebel in me just wanted to run away.

The drama before entering the wedding hall.

The Funny Varmala: I didn't have an entry song or anything. It was so quick, it took me some time to realize I am already standing with a garland in my hand strategizing on how to plant the garland first on my tall husband (his head-gear made him good 6.5 feet tall...pssttt..exaggeration).
The moment the partition (Antarpath in Marathi) came down we looked at each other for the first time and giggled to no end. While my husband was busy checking me out, I grabbed the opportunity to put the garland on my husband's shoulder. My uncles almost immediately lifted me post this, but nobody bothered to lift my husband. It was sooo funny. He was just busy laughing and waiting to see for how long my uncles would lift me(I don't exactly weigh light you see). I clearly remember saying with an animated expression "Now put the garland already, you are tall enough to reach me, what are you waiting for.." I was half pitying my uncles.

Then rounds and rounds of rituals started.. The mangalsutra, maang tikka, chunari all came in one by one.

And then some more rituals.

The ceremony went on till 6 p.m. including joota chhupai. By the time I realized that I was officially Mrs. Gupta now, I was rushed to get ready for my Reception... (my next post)...

Now, when I look at my pictures I realize all I did was giggle and smile and giggle some more. I guess it was kinda my actual state of mind that day. Did things go wrong? Yes, many things. The varmalas were different from what I chose, the mahurat got delayed, and how can I forget the last minute headgear I had to wear (I think I carried it well though ;) ). In the end, these small things don't matter as you are happiest because of the person next to you.

Red Sari: Paaneri
Photography: NorthStar Photography
Mehendi: Bhumi Nagda
Makeup: Karishma Talreja

Note: You can search with following texts frommisstomrs, mrsmode, thechilledoutbride, wedding, to read the posts from The Wedding Shenanigans series.


  1. Your wedding look perfect!!! You are looking amazing with this matching jewellery, you must have enjoyed a lot in the wedding with laughter & family traditions.
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    1. Thanks Aaheli, thats a beautiful name I must say. What does it mean? My wedding was a simple yet amazing. I tried to experiment a bit and I guess it did work for me..:)


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