Day Before My D-day: Haldi Ceremony (Part III)

Most of you know Haldi ceremony is an integral part of Hindu weddings. As per our custom it is an elaborate ceremony held a day before the wedding or on wedding morning along with havan. Our wedding was on a Thursday, so I had to get my Mehendi done on Tuesday as Wednesday was my Haldi ceremony.

I had arranged for a Mehendi function for all my close relatives and friends but then what's a wedding without its glitches. My mehendi artist ditched us the last minute, so I couldn't really wear my quirky mehendi outfit. Looking for an occasion to wear the same now..

Tuesday I was all alone with my mehendi artist Bhumi, a petite college-going girl who surprised all of us with her mehendi skills. I customized my mehendi a lot and I gave her the freedom to do whatever she liked. Instead of putting Mr. Mode's name in mehendi I asked her to add all the nicknames I used to call him. Mr.Mode found it really funny..The end result was just stunning and I loved every bit of it..I guess the showstopper was the beautiful Ganesha she had created on my insistence..


After the gruelling session which made every limb numb, I was famished, tired and was just waiting to crash down as I knew my Haldi ceremony next day would be tiring.

I woke up the next day with my Uncle's loud laughter only to realize the guests had already started trickling in. Followed by my Uncle were my two Maasi's(mom's sisters) and their respective families and my cousins and so on. Suddenly, the house was filled with around 25 people with me trying to get ready for my havan. My Maasi's insisted on me wearing all my wedding jewellery, while I battled with each one of them. Alas! I lost..

All the jewellery worn for the wedding had antique finish and were painstakingly chosen by my parents by hunting the best jewellers as they knew how finicky I was when it came to jewellery. The necklace had matching bangles as well..As per our customs we wear green glass bangles in odd numbers with more bangles in either of the hands. In the end I had so many bangles, it was very uncomfortable..

I wore a beautiful plain peacock blue silk sari from Nallis, Mahalakshmi. It was bright, light and easy to manage; just what I needed. After tying my hair into a ruffled side bun and donning all my wedding jewellery I sat for havan at 10 a.m. with all the men in the house guiding me with the rituals. My lill cousin (who's not so lill anymore) was the designated photographer who was armed with her DSLR to capture every moment.

She did an excellent job I must say..

Me busy with havan

For the actual haldi function, I wore a yellow-green silk saree gifted by my mum-in-law and added a marathi nath and peculiar half -moon bindi ..Just wanted to add a touch of my Marathi side..

Me with my mom

The ceremony ended at around 2 p.m. and I was so tired by the end of it, I just changed into my pajamas and sat down to have a hearty meal with my family. I was acting like a queen and my cousins obliged to all my requests (read: orders) thrown at them. My parents and immediate relatives were busy packing bags and managing lists for the wedding the next day. 

To tell you the truth I was far from feeling any jitters. Even now I have no explanation to why I was so relaxed. I was in fact wondering if I was abnormal in any way. Why I was not feeling anything? I mean it was a BIG DEAL..I was getting married, my life would be different, the city would be different, people would be different; nothing would be the same. I knew the tricks in my post The Chilled-out Bride worked for me and I am glad they did.. But, I still do wonder..

With my bags all packed and wedding/reception outfits ready, I headed next morning with my cousin and sis-in-law in toe. I bid a teary farewell to my parents and relatives as I knew that next time I entered my home it would not be the same. 

Note: You can search with following texts frommisstomrs, mrsmode, thechilledoutbride, wedding, to read the posts from The Wedding Shenanigans series..


  1. U look so pretty with the Mehndi! Welcome to Delhi!

    1. Thanks a lot dear..Really looking forward to enjoying this new city..

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