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bOmbayMODE proudly includes a new section 'The Delhi Chapter' dedicated to my new life in Dilwaalon ki Delhi, since a bit of me has now shifted here (heart still stuck in Bombay you see). I and my beloved blog bOmbayMODE have decided to create this little space to share my experiences, discoveries, learnings and encompass everything that this capital city has to offer. 

Delhi has been good to me. I have explored quite a few places in time that I have stayed here and let me tell you my wish list is never-ending. I act like a tourist here and also feel like one, only to realize I will be living in Delhi from now on, unless we shift somewhere else. 

I have visited places like Dilli Haat, Connaught Place, Old Delhi Market, Select City Mall, South Block, Hauz Khas (my fav place), Bengali Market (only to eat Chhole Bhature, they were just so different and yumm)..

Little things that remind me of my life back in Bombay really excite me. The other day I found Hokey-Pokey in Hauz Khas and literally jumped with joy like a kid and obviously treated myself with a scoop of Mocha Cream, which was just delish. Also, when I found Maharashtra counter in Dilli Haat, I couldn't resist myself from having Puran Poli and Batata Wada.

Places that I am yet to visit are leather shops in Paharganj, Sarojini Nagar, Shahpur Jat and some famous tourist spots like, Humayuns Tomb, Safdurjung's Tomb, Red Fort, Akshardham Temple etc. to name a few. 

Food has been one of the prime reasons of most of our outings. Delhi has some really interesting places, that offer a variety of cuisines.. Flavours of local dishes are very different from what we find in Bombay, making it really distinct and worth trying.

A few random pics of what I have been up to on most weekends..

Interesting menu and the wall-art at Smoke House Deli that caught my eye..We went here on our first week anniversary..


The famous Bengali market chhole with hot samosas..

The yummy mutton roll and biryani at Khan Chacha (Connaught Place)

'Big Chill' - one of the most famous places to hang out..Very similar to Poptates in Mumbai..The Risotto and Baked Pasta at Big Chill..Must try along with the Peach iced tea pitcher..


The interesting end page of the menu

Went to The All American Diner for brunch yesterday..The place had a very hollywood-diner kinda setup which made it really fancy..We had mushroom on toast(yummyyy), Pancakes(so-so) and pesto pasta(yummyy)

Things that are different:
  • I cannot step out for morning walks alone or after dark
  • Very few rickshaws (good thing in a way)
  • Noodles is referred to as Chowmein
  • There are ice-cream carts of well-known brands on road almost all the time
  • Chhole-kulcha is present in every corner
  • People here call pumpkin, sitaphal which is custard apple in Bombay.
  • Everyone loves South-Indian cuisine here. You should see the amount of crowd in Udupi restaurants here..its insane..
  • Paranthas and golgappas are the most favourite snack items here
Things that I miss:
  • Wada-pav
  • Marathi-speaking public
  • My friends
  • Colaba Causeway
  • The infectious Bombay energy
This summarizes 2.5months of my Delhi-life. I am looking forward to many things that this crazy city has to offer. I came here with lot of apprehensions but I guess I am adjusting well. But, I miss Bombay and everything about it. No city in the world can replace Bombay for me..EVER...


  1. super quality pics-which camera ?
    did you chk out paratha-wali galli ?
    also do visit the locales of Old Delhi - v.nice - dilli 6 was shot there

    1. Thanks a lot...Clicked from my phone Redmi Note..I am yet to go to parantha galli..I keep going to old delhi with my mom-in-law..:)

  2. laughing so hard reading your blog
    'sitaphal' hahahaha and that last menu page - insane !
    loved your blog <3

  3. haha i know...It was funny when i heard it for the first time..


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