I Got Engaged and How !! (Part II)

My last post Have I Lost My S.W.A.G? was a random one; put-up to share experiences at my recent Bombay trip post marriage. As scheduled I was suppose to post details of my engagement, so here goes..

After the first meeting of Mr. Mode with my parents, our engagement was fixed two weeks later on 22nd February 2015. It was super quick with me almost making a mental note of what I was going to wear to booking flight tickets (engagement was in Delhi) to informing friends and relatives to packing and so on..

How I bought my sari: The limited time didn't allow me to shop at leisure. I wanted to wear a silk sari in Gold or Fuchsia Pink and my first stop was Manoranjan in Mulund. After seeing a couple of options the shopkeeper almost in a slow-mo way unfurled a gorgeous Fuchsia pink sari. As dramatic it may sound my heart kinda skipped a beat and my mom had a bright smile, which soon faded when we asked the price. So, we decided we will check more stores since this was the very first store we went to. 

Store 2 was Nallis in Mahalakshmi, which was highly recommended by most of my relatives and friends. I quite liked the stuff, but then I had already lost my heart to the pink one in Store 1. I obviously picked two silk saris from Nallis; how could I resist you see post which me and my mom went there the same evening and picked the Fuchsia pink beauty.

The shopkeeper didn't give us any discount but I knew somewhere in my heart, it was totally worth it and that when it came to my outfits, I didn't want to compromise. 

I was skeptical at start about the sari as Mr. Mode's side is from Delhi, and I thought they might not like it as it was not embroidered or with heavy borders or blingy in anyway. But, the kind of reactions I received from the guests/relatives was really something. They absolutely loved it and kept asking me what type of sari it was, from where I bought and things like that..Well, it was just worth it in the end.

This is how it looked. It draped perfectly, was light and looked really rich in texture..


This is the exact shade

What he wore?: Mr. Mode hardly had any time to shop as he was travelling extensively. He picked an Indo-Western attire which had a quilted jacket with velvet accents at hem and cuffs. I think he looked pretty cool and did carry it well. I was finding it funny as I always saw him in either formal or casual wear. 

How we chose our ring?: I love silver, always have and always will ,but obviously when it came to the engagement ring it can't be silver. So, when Mr. Mode asked me what i wanted I said, "I don't really care what you give me as far as its something of your choice". I trusted him with his choice as I knew he has a good eye for such things and he knew I am kinda choosy. When I got this ring on my engagement day, I was more than happy. It was elegant, classy and with the right amount of bling.

I chose a combination ring of yellow and white gold both. To tell you the truth, the ring was loose and we to return it. As of now, Mr Mode doesn't have an engagement ring and is kinda kicked about not having one, you know for obvious reasons :P.

How I felt? The feeling didn't sink in for the longest time, just the way I don't feel I am married yet. The pic below was clicked the next morning of my engagement when I kept looking at my ring and thinking to myself, "Oh, well, this did happen yesterday".

Our wedding was fixed for 14th May 2015, three months after we got engaged. Would I have it any other way, NO; Did I want a longer courtship? NO; Was I sure about this? 
Hell, YES. 

As the wedding date was finalized, another mental note of all the preparations was already in place. With barely 3 months in hand, I knew it was going to be one helluva task. 

Next post in the series would be about the Haldi Ceremony, which happened on 13th May, a day before my wedding. It was fun, tiring and mad. MORE ABOUT IT IN MY NEXT POST 

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