Have I Lost My S.W.A.G?

Well, I was in Mumbai for around 15days, first time post my marriage (hence no new post). I obviously met friends, relatives and people who asked me how married life has been so far and all I said was I don't feel I am married yet. 
The moment I said this I somehow always got the same reaction of how everything is nice at the start and then its monotonous; you will have no time for yourself; your entire life will be spent in the kitchen; its all about the husband and his family etc. etc. etc. 

Frankly, on hearing them I was filled with self-doubt about marriage, and my mind constantly nagged me with the pressing question - Have I Lost My S.W.A.G?

I married late, and not at a standard 'marriageable' age most Indian women are expected to. I enjoyed my freedom for the longest time and decided to marry only when I was 100% ready. Being married has been a conscious (happiest) decision and I have no regrets about it whatsoever. 

I was surprised at how women complain about being married, even men for that matter. Nobody forced them to marry first of all. If you guys knew things were going to be different then you shouldn't have.

When Carrie and Big (Sex and the City) got married they made their own rules and it worked really well for them. I didn't sign up for a life of monotony and boredom when I married Mr. Mode and neither has he, and we together will ensure that never happens. We won't let the spark leave out of our marriage, ever ...

I am not here to preach, but I just feel there is a need for married people to understand that they can take charge of their lives and shape it the way they want to. 
Whining is not the solution, living your own way is...

So, donning my new haircut and with my S.W.A.G very much in place, I henceforth pledge:
  • I will never regret being married
  • I will never complain about how marriage has changed my life and it's not "happening" anymore
  • I will always take out time for my hobbies
  • I shall read regularly
  • I will not succumb to watching stupid soap operas (saas-bahu serials to be specific)
  • I will speak my mind to my husband and tell him about problems before they go out of hand
  • I shall travel often, at least once a year
  • I won't waste my entire time in the kitchen
  • I will never neglect myself, NEVER...
These are a few rules I wish to follow. I am sure there will be more things I will add in the future..

Oh well, about this shoot...I had gone to Prem (click here for my previous shoot with him; also my wedding photographer) for finalizing my wedding pics for the album and ended up doing this. He has an excellent eye for detail and that's what makes it fun to shoot with him. Out of 20 clicks, we could easily finalize 10 pics for this post. By the way, they are unedited...

White Shirt: from Colaba Causeway for 200/-
Bangles from Kiwi Accessories
Hand harness: ShopLune
Neckpieces: Random


  1. Love ur hair and the 200 bucks white shirt!! Really??

    1. Thank u dear.. Yea it is 200/- bucks shirt.. I could have easily said Zara ya but obviously it isn't.

  2. Way to go gal. Love your attitude for life 👍. Don't change for anyone 😙


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