Not Miss Mode Anymore!!

So, I am blogging almost after a break of almost four months. Did I miss it? Well yes, Absolutely. Then why I didnt? If this is the question you are asking then if you follow bOmbayMODE on FB you will know why.

Beginning of this year has been quite eventful on the personal front. After leading a single life for the longest time, this free-spirited girl decided to enjoy life in holy matrimony with an amazing guy, who just lets me be, is a great friend and companion and handles all my antics with a smile on his face. We got married on 14th May 2015, and since then it's just been crazy. I shifted to Delhi and now I am just settling-in in my new home, new city and new life.

Ours is a love-cum-arranged marriage, which happened when we least expected it. Serendipity at its best, is all I can say. February first week was when he met my parents, we were engaged in 2 weeks time in Delhi and were married in less than 3 months in Mumbai. We are yet to come to terms with the fact that we are married now. The feeling is yet to settle in. It might sound weird but we actually say ''Baby, we are married now'' almost every day to each other.

Past 3 months have just been crazy, with me running around and doing all the preparations. You know the drill. Planning a wedding in such a short span of time was like meeting a client's project deadline. Countless boutique visits, make-up trials, jewellery hunts, photographer, mehendi artist, PHEW..But frankly, I was super chilled out and nothing could really change my state of mind. I was calm throughout. The bridezilla in me behaved itself. Surprising, isn't it.. 

If you wish to know what was my secret was then well, watch this space for more.
All "to-be" married brides, just sit back and enjoy this change in life with a smile on your face..

With Love
Mrs.Gupta (a.k.a The Chilled-Out Bride)


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