The Wedding Shenanigans - The Chilled-out Bride (Part I)

If you have read my previous post you know I am happily married now and settled in Delhi. I have started a series called 'The Wedding Shenanigans' through which I wish to share my journey from being Miss to Mrs. 

The Chilled-out Bride (Part I)

Even before I thought about the content of this article I knew what the title would be.. As a bride people assume you to be hyper, irate and sensitive.. But I, wasn't any of those, except when the actual functions started kicking in. Well, what's a bride without wedding jitters.
Now that I am married for almost a month, I think its time I share with you guys why I have proudly declared myself as 'The Chilled-out Bride'. 
I would like to divulge the secret mantra behind my calm and composed self. It really helped me enjoy my wedding to the fullest and live the experience without being a Bridezilla.. 
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Planning: 80% of wedding is about planning. The moment I got engaged I made a mental note of who my photographer is going to be, mehendi artist, venue, almost all of it. It also included what I was going to wear for wedding functions to the minutest detail. Since I had just three months to prepare till the wedding day, I had to finish a particular activity each day as I wanted two weeks time before wedding to just relax and pamper myself. 

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Exercise: It's a must. I worked out 5-6 times a week.  I felt fit, energetic and confident about being able to carry my wedding outfits.

Pamper yourself: Don't let the wedding preparations affect your health or the way you look. The bride has to look her best and that is possible if you give yourself well-deserved 'me-time'.. Listen to music, go for massages, facials, catch a movie or two, meet your friends, eat a hearty, calorific meal(only if you are going to burn it off the next day), do things that please you.. I ensured I gave myself all the attention first. 

Sleep: I know it's the time to indulge in long romantic conversations with your fiance but ensure you sleep 7-8 hours at the least..

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Don't fret: I know how that particular gold shade of material will look perfect, or the red lipstick you always wanted is suddenly out of stock.. Now, take a deep breath and think, is it really worth losing your mind? 
To tell you the truth my reception lehenga was perfect but the waist was 4-inches loose. I just stayed calm and draped the dupatta in a tricky yet pretty way.. It did look great, but yes I was conscious that if the drape shifted, my ill-fitting lehenga would be visible.. I decided to be cool, I was happy with the way it looked on me and nothing could hamper my mood that day. 

Health is first: I have heard of couples falling sick and that is mostly caused due to fatigue. To avoid falling sick,
  • Ensure you bachelors/bachelorette parties or outings are 3 weeks before the wedding
  • Finish all your preps a week in advance
  • Take your multi-vitamins
  • Avoid stepping out in the sun
  • Indulge in a healthy diet
Clichés are fine: Yes, they are. It's kinda surprising that I am saying this, who detests most cliches.. I always said I won't wear red for my wedding but ended up wearing a red benarasi, I said I won't tie my hair but instead had to tie my hair in a big bun and frankly I don't regret any of my decisions. The pics have come out brilliantly and me and Mr.Mode were perfectly color-coordinated. See the positive side of cliches, embrace them and stick to being cool.

So, the point I am trying to make here is, its fine if few things are not happening the way you want them to. Enjoy the moment, as your wedding is something you will experience only once and you definitely do not want to miss out on it...
Today, I am glad I remember most part of my wedding and it was not just a blur as it is for most brides..  

The second part of The Wedding Shenanigans series will be the engagement ceremony which happened in February..

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