The Coolest Place to Stay in Cambodia

When I and Deepika were planning a trip to Cambodia, Deepika insisted that we stayed in a hostel. I was not really kicked about the idea as for me hostels were those dirty places where guys roam around in their underwears. But, the convincing/threatening power that she has, she asked me to check this hostel ( website and well, I fell in love almost instantly.

The young vibe, reasonable pricing and amazing reviews on travel websites really helped me make my decision and frankly it was the best decision I/we made

Mad Monkey is by far the coolest place one can choose to stay. They offer every possible convenience to travelers right from planning your tours to currency exchange to food. The staff is super prompt, extremely helpful, cordial and always smiling (I really wonder whats the secret). They have activities planned on each day of the week, so you can actually plan your day from the comfort of the hostel.

At Mad Monkey, Siem Reap we stayed in Gorilla Dorm, which was shared between 10 travelers. You might think that the washrooms would be dirty and the place would be a mess. But quite frankly, the staff at Mad Monkey was super. They cleaned the rooms at regular intervals and ensured every resident was comfortable.

Both these hostels had insane graffiti walls painted by travelers during the stay. Not even a single wall was plain. Me and Deepika had an amazing time clicking pictures.

(MadMonkey, Siem Reap)

The Reception
The pool area
The Gorilla Dorm

My Bed in Gorilla Dorm. I felt like a kid every time I climbed up

One of my fav


We chose to stay at Mad Monkey, Phnom Penh as well and decided to book their villa. It was just amazing, the room was huge with two king-size beds and we would literally jump and dance around and play loud music since the entire place was to ourselves. The restaurant served sumptuous meals. 

We had our last dinner and next day breakfast and let me tell you, they were the best meals we had on our entire trip.

The Villa

These are the walls at Mad Monkey, Phnom Penh

Even the stairs were painted
Guess who we spotted?? Ganpati Bappa

And then some John Lennon
If I ever get a chance to go to Cambodia I would definitely stay at this place. You can book rooms easily through their website, and no there were absolutely no goof-ups on their part. 

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