Cambodia Day 3 - Part 1

Day 2 was epic (Part 1 and Part 2). 

It was definitely a challenge to get through our EPIC day given the hot and humid climate draining all our energy. After reaching the hostel we had a quick dinner at a local food joint and crashed early. We had an early start to the day as we had planned to go for the Sunrise at Angkor Temple. Hundreds of tourists throng the temple to witness this and we obviously had to do it. I had set an alarm for 4:15 a.m. and Deepika, as usual, was sleeping like a log. After quick dress up we headed out and Wai was all set with his tuk-tuk. Everyone was running around with their cameras and iPads and phones to record the sunrise. 

Here's a glimpse of how beautiful it looked but yes it was not life-changing.

Post that we visited many small temples, Neak Pean is one of them, also known as Water Temple. As the name suggests, the temple is located in the middle of a lake and we had to walk down a wooden path/bridge to go to the temple.

She does this wherever she travels..

 A quick ride from Neak Pean was Pre Rup. We simply loved this temple because of its dull orange color and architecture. The stairs, however, posed a threat to my life. This temple had few visitors thanks to the precarious stairs. We clicked some crazy pictures here.

Aren't the stairs crazy?


Some elephant love...

We visited a couple of more temples but most were in ruins. Our temple visit ended by 10 as we had started our day pretty early (4:30a.m, remember?). We celebrated our Day 3 by enjoying a hearty lunch and crashing for a long nap.

Our tuk-tuk driver, Wai
The Victory Gate

Deepika with her dose of caffeine
Me with my dose of fish,,,

Sorry for these painfully long posts, but there is so much to cover. Cambodia Day 3 - Part 2 shall follow soon..Links for Day 2 on top of this post.


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