Cambodia Day 3 (2) - Day 4

Obviously, we had a tiring day and was to be followed by 8-hour bus ride (Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia) the next day, so had to reward ourselves with well-deserved massages and our favorite fruit shakes from the counter.

Strolled down to the 'Pub Street'. No, we didn't do any clubbing as we had almost died from all the walking around and, how can we forget the humid-as-hell weather.


We had a painful bumpy ride on the bus the next day to Phnom Penh. It was literally as if we were on the massage chair for 8 hours. Too much massage ain't soothing, right?? 
We reached Phnom Penh, checked in our spacious villa at Mad Monkey (we were welcomed by chilled Vodka shots.. :D ) and slept and got up only when our stomachs started to growl.

Next day we stepped out to visit Silver Palace, which was walking distance from where we stayed. Phnom Penh was very city-like, unlike Seam Reap. We saw big cars (yes, worth mentioning), wide roads, boutiques, restaurants, markets, etc.



You guys must be wondering why these Prudential seats caught our fancy; no, we weren't exactly endorsing them. Me and Deepika started our careers with Prudential, so when we spotted these seats we jumped out of our tuk-tuks to click pictures.OBVIOUSLY.

Post Silver Palace, we hired a tuk-tuk to visit the controversial Choeung-Ek killing grounds. This place was definitely not for the faint-hearted. We both decided to not click any pictures to mark our respect to those mercilessly killed. It definitely shook us from reality and left us numb. 
We were so drained out from the experience, we even lost our appetite and decided to just end our visit. (We had arranged to visit another killing field but, we couldn't recover from the shock we got from this place). Read more here.

So after a long nap, we got dressed up for a hearty dinner at Mad Monkey restaurant right across the street. But guess what, we were welcomed by heavy rains and knee-deep water. The food was amaaazzziiinnngggg (I had chicken tikka and rice while deepika had the traditional Khmer curry)

We had a flight back to Thailand the next day. Did our last minute packing and called it a day. We were keen on getting up and going for a huge English breakfast which the restaurant had on the menu.

Then we clicked some cool pictures with the awesome stuff at Mad Monkey who got super excited and even added us on Facebook. MAD..

We didn't want to leave :(..Like not at all..We even contemplated on taking up a teaching job and living there. :P..
Do I miss Cambodia? YES..Would I visit Cambodia again?? Hell Yes :)


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