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I constantly collect knick-knacks from all over the place, be it random badges, keychains, charms, photos and things that scream 'DIFFERENT'. When I visited Lil Flea this year for the first time, I discovered some brilliant talent there and obviously also splurged my hard-earned money on some amazing stuffs. 

I decided to feature some of these amazing brands (this post and more to come) I met there as this is what The Mode Talk is all about. I am happy to introduce you guys to yet another talented bunch of girls who have a way with words. I mean they literary do, uh literally do. From kinky one liners to in-your-face designs, Card Affairs is 'UNAPOLOGETIC'

Card Affairs - a creative, awesome concept is bringing back hand-written cards/note back in fashion and yes I am falling in love with this concept. 

Here you go...

Card Affairs in conversation with bOmbayMODE

1.       Who are Saman Shaikh and Sanchi Dixit?

- Saman Shaikh :  Design Junkie, Dessertarian, Loyal Ranbir Kapoor Fan, Love Travelling, love cats and hate dogs, Founder and Chief Designer, Card Affairs
- Sanchi Dixit : I can spend endless hours reading, writing and drawing. A loyal SRK fan, Food Lover, Love spending time alone,  love dogs and hate cats,  Founder and Marketing director,  Card Affairs

2.       How you girls know each other and what makes you a great team?

We have a very clichéd story actually; we were pursuing our B.M.M ( Bachelors of Mass Media, Lala Lajpatrai College. Mahalaxmi) degree and hence were college classmates. as immature we could be at that time, we spent the first year of college disliking each other (without any reason). A college trip in the 2nd year made get to know each other better. With the third and final year we were inseparable. Today we are barely seen without each other. What makes us a great time is that we have had similar love/hate experiences, we dislike exactly the same people, we have same reactions to almost everything and we spend 8-9 hours working towards our dream i.e Card Affairs.

3.       When was this concept born?

- 8 months ago, when our thoughts were only running towards creating something different, something new and something that made everyone happy, it was just "something" at that point of time.

4.       Why the name Card Affairs and who thought of it?

- The basic thought behind Card Affairs is to bring back the dying era of handwritten messages and greeting cards. We are sure that a "Thank you", " I love you" or a "Sorry" is more effective written in Ink than typed in Times New Roman.
The Name "Card Affairs" is Saman Shaikh's brainchild. The concept evolves with our collective thinking.

Sanchi and Saman

5.       Humor is tough, but you guys do an amazing job, what inspires your witty lines?

- Sanchi Dixit : We are young, wild, sarcastic and free.
- Saman Shaikh : Situations, experiences and people.
To be very frank, we are inspired by the most random conversations that we have with each other, friends and strangers. If we read or come across something that can be manipulated, we get our brains cracking into it.

haha..no comments

6.       Who comes up with the best lines?

- Sanchi Dixit : Saman Shaikh, she's a pervert
- Saman Shaikh : Sanchi Dixit, she matches my thinking

7.       Who else are in your team and what are their roles?

- For now just the two of us. We are looking forward to have a brighter and bigger team. The more the merrier!

8.       What makes Card Affairs different?

- Our work, our thinking. Our effort to always present something different on the table.

9.       The best compliment for Card Affairs

-  It was at our "The Lil flea exhibition" at Bandra. A woman spent some good time going through our work, she asked us our age and was quite surprised. She continued by saying "I have travelled the world but never seen designs (cards) like these."
It took us a minute to digest what we had just heard.  
Cool, aint it?

10.   The best work by Card Affairs/work you are proud of

-We are happy with the outcome of even the smallest product that we create. We have a long  way ahead. We look forward to work with the same enthusiasm.

11.   I like your job girls, what do you think is the best part about it?

- Sanchi Dixit : Freedom to think out of the box.
- Saman Shaikh : There is always something new that we work on. What could be better than doing what you love? To have my best friend as a business partner is a bonus!

How cool are these chocolate bars..

12.   Since Valentines day is around the corner, what tip would you like to give these poor souls?

- Don't worry! "Logon ka toh ek din aata hai, tumhara toh zamana aayega "

13.   One room decor idea you love?

Poloroid Pictures and a Bird Cage with lights.
I am so getting one of these

14.   What do you love about Bombay?

- Saman ShaikhMarine Drive - Local Trains - Paani Puri - Street Shopping & Monsooooon!
- Sanchi Dixit : The never say no attitude of people, it's always "don't worry kaam ho jayega" and ofcourse pani puri .

15.  Card Affairs, 5 years from now

Hoping for a positive surprise for us!

ROMANTIC indeed!! boys take notes
Lets jump to my favorite section..

Zippy Quiz... 

·         Card affairs is: (think of taglines)
Saman Shaikh : Designing your perfect picture!
Sanchi Dixit : Happiness begins here!

·         Favourite Indian designer:
- Saman shaikhSabhyasachi Mukherjee
- Sanchi dixit - Shyamal and bhumika

·         Favourite Ice Cream flavour
- Saman shaikh - New york cheese cake
- Sanchi dixit - Bavarian chocolate

·         Prized Possession?
-Saman ShaikhCard affairs
-Sanchi Dixit - Card Affairs

·         Your idea of a perfect date?
- Saman Shaikh- Movie Night, Pyjamas and lots of yummy food!
- Sanchi Dixit - A well spent day at a beautiful beach

·         Karan Johar or Yash Chopra
- Saman Shaikh - Yash chopra
- Sanchi Dixit - Yash chopra

·         Jeans or Pyjamas
- Saman Shaikh - Pyjamas
- Sanchi Dixit - Pyjamas

·         Hip Hop or Trance
- Saman Shaikh - Trance
- Sanchi Dixit - Any song that makes me happy and i can relate to

·         Chicken Tandoori or Pizza
- Saman Shaikh - Chiken tandoori
- Sanchi Dixit - Pizza

·         All time favourite movie?
- Saman Shaikh - Love aaj kal, Pursuit of happiness, Wake up sid
- Sanchi Dixit - DDLJ, A walk to remember

·         Valentines day is:
- Saman Shaikh - Over rated, love should be expressed every single day!
- Sanchi Dixit - nothing great, people love me all year round!

·         Bombay or Mumbai

Thank you so much girls for doing this with me..I absolutely am a biiiiig fan as you already know and I am sure after reading this, there will be many more..
All the best and yes I shall stock on more of your collection as always..

As you guys know my Mode Talk articles don't just end here. Do watch out for a cool contest that is coming up tonight to celebrate 10000+ views for bOmbayMODE (Woohoo).. Now, that is indeed big and I am humbled beyond words.

Don't forget to leave comments. Saman and Sachi would love to know your views.

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  1. M alrdy a huge fan of cardaffairs.. I juz luv wat dey do with each of deir creations.. It's great to hav sch a talented frnd lyk saman shaikh.. I wish dem gud luck...

    1. I absolutely love their stuff..very quirky and unique..I will let saman know... :)

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