The Accidental DIY

I spotted these really cool hairbands in funky prints at Forever 21 and tried them only to fall in love with them badly. But, the price tag didn't really convince me to buy them.

Call me mad, but I cut my t-shirts all the time and when I was just twisting and turning the piece I had cut I accidentally created this. Hence, the title. 

All you need is a pair of scissors and an old t-shirt of color/print of your choice. I ended up making three as I had three abnormally long t-shirts.

Here are detailed steps for you to make your own headband...

Step 1: Cut little above the seam of the t-shirt (2-inches precisely).

 Step 2: Turn it once to form figure-8. This will create a prominent twist required for this headband.

Figure 8
This is how it should look

Step 3: Join both ends and stitch

Voila!! There you have it..your very own headband

I wear this all the time and goes perfectly with my messy bun or just when my hair is left open. 

Try this DIY and share your pictures. You can thank me later for saving your money on yet another splurge.


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