Cambodia Day 2 - Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Compiling these posts is indeed becoming a task. Remembering the details, choosing pictures and giving out the right info, all of it, but I shall do it as this trip totally deserves it.

Caution: You shall be bombarded with too many awesome pictures..

From Angkor Wat we proceeded to visit the famous Ta Phrom temple. Yes, known for being featured in Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Movie. NEVERMIND!!!

There was something very spooky about this place. The eerie calm, monstrous trees and the roots eating up the temples made this place fit to shoot a horror movie in. 

The Entrance

The most famous tree

The tree held by rods to protect the structure

The monster

we named this tree GODZILLA!!

We were just getting over the tree above when this one happened..I was even scared to go near it :P

Post that we visited the The Angkor Thom kingdon. The Elephant Stairs was the first place we visited followed by Phimeanakas and the Bayon temple.

The Victory Gate


The stairs at Phimeanakas were crazy. Bathmophobic (fear of stairs) and Acrophobic (fear of heights) that I am I had a tough time. Deepika would get down the stairs like a butterfly and I would be screaming my lungs out and holding onto my dear life..Though she promised that she would catch me if I came rolling down :P

My face on most occasions

This is how she would snigger at my plight..

However, this place was amazing to click pictures and obviously we didn't leave the chance.

The Bayon Temple was just next to Phimeanakas and it was really something. Each dome had Buddhas face on it and looked truly magnificent. 

Random pics clicked at different temples. 

Note how the pebbles are placed neatly

This tree...



I found my spot

I have tried and put together as much information about the day. Day 1 was extremely hectic and there were many small temples we visited, but don't exactly recollect their names.

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Do check out my next post on Day 3 in Cambodia soon.


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