Cambodia Day 2 - Part 1

This post will be divided into 2 parts as we explored many places and clicked innumerable pictures.....

It was the day we both were waiting for; the day we would visit the magnificent Angkor Temples, explore the Angkor Thom kingdom and visit the countryside. :):):)

We started our trip to the temple at 11 a.m. with Wai (and I thought it was Kai :P), our tuk-tuk driver who had the warmest smile and was extremely humble. Armed with Gatorade, water bottles, energy bars and a pack of tissues, we headed out. It was sooooo humid I was sweating incessantly, Deepika even asking me to seek medical help for it.

Our tuk-tuk rider, Wai was rather chatty, feeding us with all the valuable information about the temples. As we entered the area close to Angkor Wat, we realized the air was cooler as the temple complex is surrounded by water on all four sides. We were filled with mad excitement, I had butterflies the size of dinosaurs; my fone smashing, we almost missing our flight, all seemed worth it.

The temple though in ruins was beautiful. It took us to a different era altogether, with us just walking mindlessly, taking in each and every detail. The arches, carved walls, broken idols, the calm chanting, precarious stairs, all of it.

We posed and posed and clicked and clicked and didn't want to lose out on any corner, which was apt for a photo-op. We left the place after about 2hours and decided to explore the next day as we were returning for 'Sunrise at Angkor' (it's worth getting up at 4a.m. but definitely not life-changing, Deepika clicked some 500 pics of the sunrise, which all looked the same..)

Here are pictures we clicked, though it was difficult to select a few...

(I wore an outfit entirely from Forever 21 while Deepika wore a skirt from Zara and top from Forever 21.)

the entry

Part II will follow soon...


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