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Every time people ask me which place do I belong to, I give them a rather confusing reply. I am basically from Karwar, a quaint little town on Goa-Karnataka border, which almost no one has heard of. I am left with no option but to tell people that I am from Goa just to make my life simple and to avoid the explanation.

This predicament has compelled me to write this post about my lesser-known native place Karwar. Dotted with coconut trees and pristine beaches, Karwar is every bit like any other Goan city. Its sparsely populated, serene and almost looks perfect for a lazy holiday. My visits to my native were mostly for longer duration as a kid and then sadly my stays became shorter as I grew up. I have some really fond memories of gorging on fish-curry and rice made by my granny, playing with my cousins in scorching heat and staining my clothes from all the juicy mangoes and wild berries my uncle would get.

I began my new year on a rather interesting note with a short, quick vacation to my native place KARWAR.. I went there after almost 4.5 years and boy it was AMAAAAZING .. 

Here is a picture diary (videos too) of sorts on what I did everyday.. 

Visited our family God temple in Canacona, Goa. Yes, this temple is now quite famous as it was featured in the movie Singham.

Evening, we went to a fair on a beautiful, pristine island called KurumGad. There is a small temple there, which opens only once a year.. Thousands of devotees go there every year on jetties.. It was indeed an unforgettable experience..

The boat ride was the highlight


Went for a long drive to see the Karwar Naval Base, unfortunately couldn't see anything.. But, definitely clicked pictures of the picturesque landscape.

She just kept following us..had to click her


Since our family was visiting after ages to my native, my mum decided to make it special by arranging an impromptu picnic to the nearby Polem beach with all my relatives.. 

This place was just BEAUTIFUL.. Serene and untouched.. With my cousins and aunts and uncles the picnic was a SUPERHIT.
I am such a beach lover and I make it point to go for a long walks alone and that's exactly what I did when I went to Polem..Just got me some me time.. Clicked and recorded these while I was all alone..

This day was rather surreal.. We visited my dad's ancestral home.. It was like long winding journey to neverland. I actually realized how some places are still untouched and oblivious to so many things..

It was really well-kept

Just love this wall

As we were leaving in the evening, we didn't have time to do much.. However, we did visit my paternal house.. I rarely go there coz I miss my granny whenever I do.. It's a typical village house on slope of a mountain and I have some amazing memories of this place..

This pup was just too smart

I love my native.. ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY.. My aunts and uncles ensure every meal is filled with our favourites and native delicacies.. My cousins and aunts have tears in their eyes even now when we bid farewell to them.. It's all too much but isn't this what family is all about..

I hope you enjoyed my journey through this picture diary..Leave your comments below and let me know some of the memories of your native place..


  1. Hey! Absolutely loved this post. I never knew that the beach in Karwar was soo pretty. :) This post made me nostalgic!

    1. Thanks rohita...its super pretty you should totally visit...its a different place altogether..very unlike cities..

  2. such a wonderful article
    loved the photos - you are talented !
    a must visit

  3. just saved your blog post on my phone so that I"ll always have these wonderful pictures with me
    you know your native place reminds me of mine <3 such quaint streets and old fashioned homes - what a delight !

    1. Thanks a lot Aishwarya, your words have made my day..This is exactly how I want my readers to feel with my posts...


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