Thailand - Cambodia Day 1

So after spending some lazy Sunday's either travelling or lazing around, finally today was the day I got on to my beloved laptop to document the most amazing Thailand-Cambodia trip I took with Deepika three months back. After agreeing-disagreeing (making faces and loud sighs) on various locations (Pondicherry, Munnar, Goa etc.), me and Deepika zeroed in on Cambodia; unlikeliest of places, but definitely every backpackers delight. We both were extremely intrigued by the Angkor Temples and had heard/read about them a lot.

So, after spending several coffee dates planning the trip, the day arrived when we were leaving for our first-ever trip together (we have been friends for 12 years and had not travelled together even once). We left on 19th Sept and came back on 28th.

WE WERE EXCITED. SUPER EXCITED. Our flight to Cambodia was from Thailand as there are no direct flights from India. We reached the Suvarnabhumi Airport bang on time only to realize our flight was from Don Mueang Airport which was an hour away. So, after pushing and shoving and dragging our luggage we got onto a bus, which would take us directly to the DMK Airport. After praying to all the lords we didn't know existed and me muttering abuses at the traffic we reached the airport an hour before takeoff.

As we got on our cramped up Air Asia flight on 21st, we breathed a sign of relief. We had our apprehensions about the place, which was famous for all the wrong reasons (poverty, genocide killings). But, I guess all the comments and remarks didn't really affect us. As our flight was about to land we looked outside the window and noticed there was not a single building or house in sight; only plain land, trees, puddles of water, NOTHING.

The moment we landed at the Siem Reap-Cambodia airport, we were surprised to see that ours was the only airplane at the airport. The airport was small with not more than 50 officials who managed it. So, after the quick visa process (super organized) and currency exchange, and cab booking we headed to our hostel 'Mad Monkey - Siem Reap'. It was hot, humid and our parched throats took us to the local store for water and BAAAMM!! I dropped my phone..The smashed screen didn't exactly dampen our spirits..My tall claims about my phone screen having a gorilla glass just made us burst out in uncontrollable laughter. 

The hostel was one of the most convenient of places with music, vibrant grafitti walls and helpful staff. We had booked a dorm (Gorilla Dorm) which was shared with 11 more travellers. We did our bookings for temple visit the next day from the travel desk (the best thing) of the hostel, including the tuk-tuk by which we would travel different temples around the entire area. 

Day1 was spent exploring the night market, eating the most amazing pasta at Hotel Riviera, relaxing, soaking in the vibrant hostel atmosphere (details about it in a separate post) and long chats over banana chips overlooking the orange sky.

At the airport

the orange sky :)

selfie at the balcony

Can you spot the snake?

Whisky with a difference

Some minion love

the super awesome juice counter

This post and the posts that follow will give you day-wise details about our legendary/memorable/awesome/mad trip. Stay tuned!!

Feel free to comment below to know details about the trip, how we planned, where we stayed in case you are planning can also mail me at


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