Somewhere I Belong..

Colaba - the name itself makes me nostalgic and at home. I closely relate to this place for its whimsical charm, Victorian architecture, quaint streets and colourful roadside stalls bustling with bargaining customers and obviously tourists from all over the world.

I was in college when I came here for the first time with Deepika. WE DIDN'T LIKE IT. We enjoyed the food at Bagdadi's though. A plateful of Chicken Bhuna and a large Rota pretty much summed-up our first trip. I remember buying a khaki kurta from here for 100/- and Deepika bought a colourful oxidised bracelet (she's gonna kill me for remembering this). The streets of Colaba did beckon us not for shopping, but for the insanely amazing Chicken Bhuna at Bagdadi's.. 

Since then the love-affair began. I go to Colaba once every few months, just to feel the vibe, soak in the surroundings, visit places I love and to be free from my thoughts. 

The name Bombay Mode is dedicated to this city, the city that made me who I am, the place I call home and the city I will always belong to no matter where I go. BOMBAY IS A CITY THAT LETS YOU BE; the city that embraces one and all..This city gave us Shantaram, Kala Ghoda festival, Colaba Causeway, Leopolds, the Metro Cinema, Bade Miyan's, BOLLYWOOD and so many things to feel proud about. 


My fan-meets-idol moment...Me with Shantaram at Leo's

So, me and Dharitri went to our favourite part of the city, Colaba and she insisted (and I immediately agreed) on clicking some random pictures.. The day was just perfect, not humid or too sunny. I wore a rather simple outfit (mint-blue linen shirt, navy blue cotton pants, gold tote, orange swipe and loads of jewellery) and not exactly meant for a shoot, but what the heck!!! Here are a few...

Gold tote - My Current Obsession
Mad me posing outside CottonWorld

And then some more..

Art and Design Book Store, MUST VISIT

At Leo's
And the Red Velvet cake at Theobromas

how pretty is this? @Good Earth

Outfit details:
Gold Tote & Neutral Ballerinas: Platinum Mall, Thailand
Jewellery: Random

I hope you guys like this post. Do let me know in the comments section WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THIS CITY.

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