NH7 Weekender (Pune) - Truly the Happiest Music Festival

Last weekend was rather eventful. An eternal music-lover that I am, I spent my last weekend in the cosy city of Pune attending the NH7Weekender Music Festival. True to its tagline, it is indeed the happiest music festival. The line-up was amazing, and the event was managed just brilliantly. 

It was Me, Deepika, Kanika (Deepika's sister) and Ketan (Deepika's college friend) who attended the festival together. From stuffing our mouths at Malaka Spice and Yana Sizzlers (highly recommended) to grooving to some amazing EDM, Amit Trivedi, Raghu Dixit, and the Indian Ocean, my days were rather spent superbly.

This post is going to be all about amazing pictures we clicked at the festival. So scroll on and enjoy the madness as much as we did.

We girls wore dresses and soon realized it was a bad decision, as we couldn't sit comfortably.

The mandatory selfie

Malaka Spice

Green Apple Sangria....Yummm

Deepika's dress: Forever 21, flats: Accessorize, bag: Thailand, Glares: Rayban
My dress: Grey Fashion Company, Flats and bag: Thailand, Glares: Forever 21, Jewellery: Amrapali

The Bartenderz performing....they were just amazziinnngg

Overdramatic me


These tumblers

of lights and sound

end of the eventful day!!
 For after-party we were joined by my other partner-in-crime Dharitri Dalvi who is studying in Pune. 
After party



So second day we got up early, all thanks to me and were all set to leave for another day of music, food and crazy fun. The line-up for the second day was simply aammmaaazzziiinnngg...(AIB, Indian Ocean, Raghu Dixit etc.) 

We ditched our dresses and wore denim shorts.
My besties...@Yana Sizzlers on FC Road

Day 2
When you reach the venue an hour early
how cool does she look?

Accidental Twinning!!!
This Monkey


  These pictures truly speak a thousand words. I highly recommend music festivals for everyone. They rejuvenate your senses and nothing can beat the thrill of listening to live performances by sought-after artists. I returned as a happy person, with my love for music more profound. NH7 Weekender hits Delhi this weekend and in Shillong in Feb 2015. I am sure it's gonna be an event to remember.


  1. True that!! I do love NH7 for its vibe!! :) The way its been offered to us with all the fun things in a place !

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

    1. Ya couldnt agree less..It was my first and thoroughly loved it...i am so gona visit next year..


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