Some questions, ANSWERED

The Frequently Asked Questions FAQs section on most websites provide a visitor with random info he/she is looking for. Over a period of time people (girls) also throw random questions at me, which I try and answer to best of my abilities without hiding important information. 

bOmbayMODE is a platform through which I wish to be open and this is where I will answer these questions and ensure it reaches many of my readers. 

So, here is a post where I am giving it all out..(some questions are bizarre...ENJOY)


Where do I shop? (most commonly asked)

Nothing specific. I just ensure I buy something different and pieces that I can experiment with regularly. Some of my outfits are as old as 10-12 years.

I shop online (KOOVS, JABONG, MYNTRA, Ajio are some of my favorites) mostly. 

I also buy roadside stuff. I never restrict myself when it comes to shopping.

How do I shop?

1. Love at first sight: Very important... If I love it, I have to have it. I don't care about the price tag then
2. 3 WAYS: Make a mental note of how I am going to style the garment in three different ways from head to toe (It includes jewelry, hairstyle footwear, bag). If I can, then I buy it.
3. I buy silhouettes that flatter my body type. (I know my exact body shape and what suits my body, do you??).
4. I do not buy trends, I buy styles. If a particular trend doesn't suit me, I don't buy it.

Where do I pick my accessories from?

I am an absolute Jewelry Hoarder/Addict and have an entire section in my wardrobe filled with accessories collected over the years..(jewelry post)

For Silver Jewellery: Colaba, Goa, Pralees, Puja Adore (this stores now shut :()
For Junk: Colaba, Blur Fashion Accessories, Westside, Goa, some Instagram stores also have great stuff to offer. But now I feel my taste has matured and don't unnecessary junk anymore. I prefer investing in quality statement pieces every now and then.

Love, at first sight, works here as well...

How do I always get my accessories right?

Read point 2 of question 2. 
So, every time I dress up for the day I make a note of what accessory I am going to wear. It's not a task, seriously. It comes very naturally. No outfit of mine is complete without the right accessory unless it's one of those lazy days. You can definitely check out this post where I talk about how to accessorize. This should help. Click here.

What products I use for my hair?

I use shampoos from Khadi Naturals as they are natural, chemical-free and really nourishing. I don't use a conditioner or anything as I don't believe in adding unnecessary products to my skin or my hair.

I recommend Vitamine E Capsules to everyone (it really works like magic to skin and hair, twice a week only)

I highly recommend Almond oil and Olive oil for extra shine and softness.

As weird as it may sound, I do not comb my hair

I have never done any chemical treatment (straightening, rebonding, coloring), henna treatment to my hair. I go for hair oil massages once in a while. That's it. 

I regularly have eggs, fish, citrus fruits, almonds, dates... 

What do I do for my skin?

I don't apply any make-up product. I just let my skin be.

I used Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock - SPF 50 for the longest time but not anymore. It stopped suiting my skin as it started causing mild irritation. I have switched to sunscreen by Plum, which is really light and gives good protection.

Image result for plum sunscreen
pic courtesy: nykaa

I also apply a mixture of besan (chickpea flour), lemon, curd once in a while, which really brightens my skin or any other face mask that helps my skin feel nourished and soft. Apart from this, I don't use a facewash unless I really feel like using one, no unnecessary products, no overwashing, etc.

Like I mentioned earlier, I regularly have Vitamin E capsules,fish, green tea, eggs, citrus fruits, almonds, dates... 

Why am I fat (heavier side)?

Blame it on my slow metabolism and hormonal issues. I am an endomorph, you can look it up and know what it exactly means.

However, I am extremely active and hardly get tired, I workout 3-5 times a week, I eat right (well, most of the time) and I know my body-type. My weight has never really been an issue for me unless someone is really making me uncomfortable. I am extremely confident, positive and I dress (I think) to flatter my body.
My waist size, dress size has been same since the past 10 years so, I guess I have maintained myself well.

Why I wear my watch in the right hand?

I really don't have an answer to that..I usually wear accessories on my left hand so maybe..

Why do I have so many piercings?

I have 8 piercings (4 in left ear, 3 in right and one nose piercing) in all. I and my best friend Deepika Phoha started getting them when we were in college. So our ear piercings are identical :) :). However, 3.5 years back I got a nose piercing done. REPENT IT!!! IT WAS BLOODY PAINFUL. But now I am sort of liking it. 

Why I don't apply kajal regularly?

I am more of a mascara person. I apply kajal when I am in mood to dress up and wish to add a touch of drama to my look. The fact that I am lazy about applying make-up also adds to it.

What is bOmbayMODE?

It is predominantly a lifestyle blog, which celebrates fashion (obviously), creativity and people. Through my blog, I wish to talk about my personal style, give out interesting styling tips, host contests, share everything related to food and meet creative/interesting/talented people. It is my way of expressing myself and sharing my passion towards fashion, travel and other things.

I have tried to give as much information through this post and I hope I was convincing enough with my answers.

If you have any questions for me then post them in the comments section and I will surely answer them. I will answer even the stupidest question. :) :) :)


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