What makes a woman gleam? Diamonds are a no-brainer, and so is shopping. But what makes her smile that extra bit? How does that extra exercise on her well-glossed lips make her face beam with joy? 

The answer is quite simple - A four letter word - SALE! 

Over a period of time (spent shopping to be precise) I have realized my wardrobe is stuffed with clothes I don't like after I have just bought them. I have bought them on an impulse during sale and now I regret it.

We always keep a target and end up not sticking to it. Hold on to your clutches women; here's your guide to shopping right when the magical four letter word takes center stage. 

I ask these pertinent questions listed below; the more questions I ask less attractive the stuff gets, in-turn saving money, time and space in my beloved wardrobe.

The Questions to ask

Have I saved for splurging during sale?: If you have decided to shop during sale,  START SAVING for it. Do not shop until sale starts (this rule doesn't apply if the thing in question is just irresistible).

Do I need it ?: This is 'THE' question which all women fail to ask themselves. Even I do and so my wardrobe is overflowing with clothes and accessories I don't like anymore. 

Do I deserve it: If you have just spent shopping already then you have no right to shop again. Don't be selfish. Let others have piece of the 'sale' cake too...

It doesn't fit me, should I still buy and then alter it:No, NOT, NADA, NEVER EVER EVER...

Do I have the same thing: If you already have 3 black tees, 5 floral dresses, 6 pastel shorts then you seriously don't need more of the same thing just yet.

Is it worth it: Sometimes few items even post discounts don't seem worth paying that much. Do rethink 120 times.

Is it love at first sight: I believe in love at first sight when it comes to shopping and you should too. 90% of the time it turns out to be just perfect. If an outfit makes you think whether you should have it or no then DO NOT BUY. The love affair will fizzle out eventually, trust me, I have gone through this.


Do try the 'Questions to ask' mantra next time you go shopping and let me know how successful you were in your expedition in the comments section.

Also, let me know what you do to stop yourself from overspending...


  1. heyy vry nicely written... keep it up (Y) :)
    After reading ur blog, I stopped myself from overspending of some t-shirts of d same kind ... lyk i have around 10-20 same kind tees....
    thank u... :)
    even sum unusual accessories wich i used 2 buy during sales evrytime....

  2. I am so glad that my blogpost helped shopping is extremely tricky..its about being patient and buying the best...ONLY...Any trick you follow to not buy something???


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