The not-so-humble JUMPSUIT

Bombay Attire is a series presenting well-dressed people from the vibrant city of Bombay. It will be an eclectic series with people from all walks of life doing their best to make the world a fashionable place. So, when I decided to do the first post in this series I obviously had to feature myself, ‘the official bOmbayMODE girl’:).

The post will feature one of my absolute go-to outfits, this comfortable, smart jumpsuit I had picked couple of years back from Hill Road and which I still love to wear. ‘Go-To’ because it is my savior on days when I don’t know what to wear. 

I had an excellent time shooting these pictures with my photographer Rohita Bhatia (message me for her details) even though I was embarrassed to death to pose on the road.

I have worn the same outfit in three different ways by adding funky accessories to my looks. (SCROLL TILL THE END FOR SOMETHING INTERESTING)

Look #1: The Shopper Look.
Fuss free, and stylish, jumpsuits are just perfect. Just carry a funky printed tote and wear comfortable footwear and you are all ready to shop till you drop…
Monalisa Potrait Tote: Globus ; Shoes, Aviators: Forever 21

Blur Fashion Accessories

Look #2: The Lost Traveller
Jumpsuits and travelling go hand-in-hand. The military style, olive green colour and the loop details make it ideal for an adventurous trip. Here I have accessorized with a colourful scarf, a neutral fedora and my favourite pair of aviators.

Scarf: PopFashion; Fedora: Forever21

Look #3: Androgyny Anyone
I am a digger for Androgyny and this obviously happens to be my most favourite look. I think it’s the tomboy trait in me that bends more towards androgyny trend. The bowtie from Indiacircus adds the right amount of chic while the oxford shoes complete the look perfectly.

Brogues/Oxfords: La Judi, Hill Road Bandra

Buy Here

I hope you guys liked bOmbayMODE’s very first outfit post. 

The best part about the series is that even you can get featured here. Just contact me at with 5-7 images and I might just pick you.

Me with My Photographer ROHITA
Leave comments below for more details and obviously do tell me how did you like the shoot.


  1. Awesome piece of work shruti..the pictures are rele nyc very well photographed..each moment is well captured and ofcourse u as d model adds on to it..luv the classy comfy jumpsuit luk nd i must say u hv carried it off rele nyc..way to go up wd ur gd work..:-) :-)

    1. Thank you dear for your encouraging comments.... :)

  2. Next time I will make u pose in a super crowded place :p
    Love the poses, no embarrassment at all.
    Androgyny at its best! Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Loved ur outfit post shruti...i lived the first look u hav put together...waiting for more pics....

  4. Awesome! Danke for the wonderful tips :)

  5. Really nice pics Shruti.... U look your best... :) Good job on clicking these Rohita.. Way to go Shrut.. I always like reading your posts on Bombay Mode... :)

    1. Thank you sivajo.. I am so happy you read my posts...I hope I keep writing good posts for you to keep coming back to bOmbayMODE :)

    2. Thank you Sivajyothi. That gives me motivation to go click click click :)

    3. Both of you are welcome dearies.. :) You have done a great job to earn those compliments ;)....

      Keep Posting... Waitng to see more....

    4. Stay tuned Sivajo,,,lots coming your way.... :):)

  6. The humble jumpsuit! An underrated outfit glamorized by your touch. Love it! And I dig the brogues and bow tie look...very victorian..! Please do a sexy outfit post next time...would love to know your view!

  7. Could you please tell me where you got that jumpsuit from? Its too beautiful and so your pictures are :)

    1. Hi Mrunal, Sorry for the late reply, I picked this around 3 years back from Bandra, Hill Road.. you can find similar on Jabong..they have a good collection..


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