Mens Essential: DECODED

When I started bOmbayMODE, all my male friends wanted to know what is new in men's fashion, and how I was going to contribute. Men don't fret over small details when it comes to clothes, they are uncomplicated species who just want clean underwear.

Since I decided not to restrict bOmbayMODE to womens fashion, I discovered men's fashion was equally intriguing, experimentative and somehow never failed to impress me. 

So here I am with my first post decoding the essential mantra of what are those few essentials that can never go wrong? Here is a consolidated list, a guide of sorts for all the men to get all their essentials right.

Black or White: A black shirt and a white shirt is all you need for most occasions. Pair it with denims, formal pants, cotton pants, shorts depending on the occasion. For a dressier look a linen jacket should do the trick.

The fresh white look

The sexy black shirt for that dinner date

T-shirts: Plain t-shirts in black, white, grey are a must. T-shirts are perfect to transform a look from casual to a perfect dinner date. You can wear it to a mall or a club by simply changing the accessories or footwear. Choose from V-necks, round necks and collared depending on what suits you best. And, the best part, you can repeat it as many times you want and no one will know.

Pants: Always own a pair of cotton chinos in beige colour and tailored pants in black, navy blue and charcoal grey.
Smart chinos, suede leather shoes and navy jacket...

Denims: Nothing can beat the look of plain dark-blue denims. They are the most versatile of garments and can be worn with almost everything. Do check for the perfect fit. By fit I mean not to loose and not too tight. Shouldn't be that difficult.

Suits: As said, A guy with a good tailored suit is never taken lightly. Classy black, smart navy-blue and stylish grey are absolute must-haves. The material of the suit and the stitch is what really matters, so invest in a good material and a tailor as suits last forever and a bad-tailored suit can stick out like a sore thumb.
Well-tailored grey suit spells style
Shoes: As the saying goes 'Judge a guy by his shoes', I am totally a shoe person. A recent survey revealed that most girls notice a guys shoes before they see the guy. A good pair of shoes can never go unnoticed. Black and brown leather shoes, loafers, leather slippers and sports shoes complete the essentials. These varieties are comfortable, versatile and can be paired with most outfits.

With this ends my simple guide to smart dressing. This was indeed different experience for me. Hope you guys like it and found the information a bit helpful.

Leave your comments below and let me know what more you would like to see.


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