A tale of my Bestie's Euro Trip

First post on the 'TravelTales' Series

Deepika my friend and a bOmbayMODE reader shares her experiences of the 'Euro Trip' she took recently with her long-time friends Dipika and Megha.....Be prepared to get floored with some beautiful pics...

Who is Deepika Phoha? 
   I am a typical girl next door who believes that bacon and cheese are God’s gift to mankind. I love trying out new restaurants to see what they have to offer-yes....a die-hard foodie! I am a total party animal ....can dance till the music stops or the sun rises...whichever is last! A private person, I am the happiest when I have a good book to read. It’s the perfect moment when I am just lazing about on a weekend and it just starts to rain outside. Casual chic with a slight hint of grunge is what describes my everyday style.

      When were you bit by the travel bug?
From the time I learned how to speak I guess. Shifting from Assam to Jalandhar to Ladakh to Delhi to finally settling down in Bombay helped me realize how much I simply love visiting new places and learning the local cultures. It just became second nature!

Your dad was in the army and you traveled extensively across India; is that the reason why you love exploring new places?

Yup. As mentioned above I have been lucky enough to stay in the most beautiful, not-easily-accessible places of the country.

Oh so serious!!
Best place you ever stayed in India
Has to be Ladakh. Hands down.

     Tell us how your Euro-trip came about?
As all trips do. It’s a fact that 97% of your late night plans don’t take any shape. Only a mere 3% do. No, I am kidding. It started off with my BFF bragging about her work opportunity and me jokingly telling her I will tag along. One thing led to another and before we knew it we were back in Bombay after a European high. And what a high it was!

   What places you visited and which was the most memorable moment of this trip?(elaborate as much as you can)
Quite honestly, it is difficult to pin point the most memorable moment. Travelling for two weeks with your best friends in a totally different continent just seems memorable as a whole. Oh as for the places we visited, be prepared to feel jealous. I met them in Switzerland where we spent 3 days. We then drove down to Paris (I know!) and took a bus to Belgium after 2 days. After spending 2 days and 1 night in a Belgian hostel, we went to Hague and Amsterdam (Netherlands) for 3 days.

Pretty Pretty!!

     What is that one outfit you are most comfy in while traveling and why?
Shorts (weather permitting), with obviously a t-shirt. Preferably with skulls on it.

5   Must-haves in your travel kit?
Lip balm. Can’t do without it. As many kinds as I can get my hands on.
Hand cream.
Blotting paper. To remove excess oil and dirt from my face especially after using public transport.
Kajal. Need it every day.
Lenses. To ditch my specs for an impromptu night out.

I am so in love with this pic....

Friends that travel together stay together
Dipika, Deepika, Megha
Tips for smart packing? Like I make a list on a piece of paper…I literally write everything down :P.
Take out what all you like and wish to carry with you. Now remove 60% of the stuff from that pile. If you still feel the remainder is a bit much, go ahead and reduce by half.
Best is to pack a couple of complete outfits (top/bottoms/accessories) and then throw in few tops and bottoms to mix and match with them.

What interesting trend you came across in Europe?
The way people are dressed. Every city we visited, the fashion sense was so different from the previous one. Paris had to be the most fashionable. But the most interesting trend about Europe is how people shy away from bright colours. We were literally like the neon signs with loud music.

Dpka with Megha dearest...
What do you learn each time you visit a new place?
Bout the food! Have to know the place I am visiting is known for which culinary delight and then make it my mission to hunt down the bacon and cheese variation of the dish.

        You know your next trip is with me right? So, any place you have in mind?
Coorg for sure. C’mon. We discussed it. Or any new place is fine as long as it's us! (Deepika we discussed Pondy..{raised eyebrows})

    Do you like BombayMode? What you think of the ‘Travel Swag’ series?
I love it! Make sure I give it a read everytime you have something new up! You go girl….u make me proud each passing moment!


Thank you, Deepika for sharing your amazing time exploring these gorgeous places!!
I absolutely loved everything you wore on your trip. Looking forward to more exciting interactions with you in the future. 

   bOmbayMODE readers can also get featured in this series. 
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  1. Lovely Interview!!! Got to know about the importance of Travelling with Beauty from Dipika.... Good Going Girzlll!!!!

  2. Love the 'Travel Swag'. Deepika looks awesome as always! <3

  3. Yea vinita, I really need to plan a trip now...

    Fount of Life...Couldnt agree lesss..deepika oozing gorgeousness as usual...

  4. Hey Shruti,

    It was really an interesting blog to read. Amazing pictures, lovely models ;), good information.

    I like the caption 'Travel Swag' too..

    Keep going girl.. :)

  5. Very nice! A creative travel blog must say. Good Shruti :)


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