What makes you happy??

Just imagine if I could say, Oh! I am one kg happy today or I feel 2 liters happy today. Happiness cannot be measured. Sad, but true. Happiness is an emotion which can be felt just like the wind. You have a nice meal, spend time with your loved one, watch a nice movie, get your salary on time, etc. The list goes on. Sometimes smallest of things give immense pleasure and contentment. My definition of happiness might not be the same for you, but the ultimate feeling is the same. Happiness is like a rainbow, full of colors or else our life is nothing but a black-n-white movie. We go through our share of trials and tribulations so that we could enjoy and treasure true happiness in the end.

I am about to ask a very irrelevant question.

Why does one feel happy?

Human-being is a very complex machine in this factory called 'Life'. A man works very hard to keep this factory functional and Happiness is one of the products. Would we value our hard-work if we didn't feel happy in the end??

God, has given us this emotion so that we could value other emotions like sorrow, failure, success, etc which would have been worthless otherwise.  People who look content from outside doesn't mean they are happy within. 
 Many successful people have sacrificed their lives of comfort and adulation and embraced a life of simplicity. No amount of money, success can bring ultimate happiness. The key to happiness is a whole lot of small and big things. It comes uninvited and goes without warning and is always short-lived. Man cannot be happy forever as there are much stronger emotions that engulf happiness.

So, live your life without regrets, without hurting anyone, say sorry often, eat to your heart's content, donate generously, forgive easily, help others readily, so when you breathe your last, you are happy as ever.


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